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  • A thorough strategy meeting with Doug Crowe, founder of Author Your Brand. During this online meeting, you will get exceptionally clear on the direction for quickly creating your book without the headaches, overwhelm and worries…guaranteed. Value…………….$1,000

  • You’ll get a “behind the scenes” backstage pass on how Best Sellers monetize their book before, during and after it is launched. You’ll learn the tools and systems Best Selling authors use to create high-price products quickly and effortlessly. Earn 100X your book revenue! Value……………….$497

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Total Value………..$1997

When you join me on your Author Strategy session you will learn how to:

    Optimize. You will develop, with Doug, a clear strategy to optimize your book creation so that you can be selling your book sooner rather than later.
    Stand Out. Don’t fall into the trap of simply being “published”. Properly and competitively position your book so you can be recognized as a valid authority and expert in your industry.
    Monetize. Understand the key elements of an nearly passive, royalty-based business that makes you money while you sleep by selling your books and supporting products world-wide, around the clock with very little effort.
    Passive Income. Create the lifestyle of freedom and recognition you desire by creating (not necessarily writing) and publishing your book effortlessly using a proven successful system so you can get you to the the Best Sellers list quickly.
    Best Seller Myths. Learn the insiders secret to monetizing your status long after the Best Seller halo has faded (they all do…how you anticipate and LEVERAGE this timeline is critical). This one tactic may be the difference you’ve been looking for.

Bonus Aside from getting your entire strategy session, which in itself provides you with your unique method for writing, publishing, and positioning your book, you also get a 100% credit of your strategy session to any product or service you need from creating your book on your own, doing it with us as a collaboration or having our expert team do 100% of the work (including design, editing, publishing, marketing and sales support). Real Value $497

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