Our goal is to help you create, organize, author, publish and market a beautifully-crafted book that tells the compelling story of your journey, philosophy, attitudes, obstacles and successes. You will soon have a book that establishes you as a brand, the expert in your field, and serves as a powerful tool to attract new clients and business.

Notably, you will also attract local, regional and national media opportunities in all media (radio, tv, print and web). It’s a daunting task. How can this be done in about 120 days? Our solution is elegantly simple…

We show you how to create a book writing machine that takes away the stress, time, and hard work of writing a book.

  • Training

    You receive weekly training & milestone-based curriculum for the easy creation and publishing of your book.

  • Our Black Book

    You receive complete access to our personal resources, lists, and contacts so you are set up for success through out the process.

  • Collaboration

    During a supportive and encouraging team environment of peers and Author Your Brand we collaborate to develop your unique message and book cover.

  • Your Dream Team

    Using our resources and list you develop your product creation team to become your automatic “book factory” to eliminate the overwhelm of writing a book.

  • Proven System

    The system we provide you with will save you months of time and worry when you entire book is written by proven professionals using your knowledge and expertise.

We’re excited to launch into the disciplined process and creative adventure of making YOU a published author. Outlined below are the collaborative action steps critical to a successful collaboration that will yield a timely result and a book of exceptional quality.

Our 9-Step Process in Detail