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Read our book, I Wrote the Book On It (#1 Best Seller on Amazon), subscribe to our newsletter, use some common sense get your book created, published and marketed. There are no “secrets” to this process…Get the blueprint and do it yourself. Download Now

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Our online programs take future authors through the entire process of positioning, creation, publishing, marketing and promotion. The classes include all of the materials, tools and instructions to get your book written and your business booming. Whether you can handle it on your own or need everything done for you we have the solution.

We Do it All

The VIP Author option saves you the most time and eliminates the pricey mistakes that you will make when you attempt this rather complicated task alone. The payoff is that your book, platform and marketing campaign will be done in about 100 days. If you qualify for our publishing option your book will become a best seller.

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What I Love The Most!

Award Winning Websites

You know what they say about a first impression (hint: you only get one)…that’s why a beautiful website is one of the most essential pieces of your business.

Steve Jobs says “Design is not JUST what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Perfect Simple System

These are my 2 favorite words in business (besides money). By creating systems, you can make it work efficiently for a long time and by keeping it simple, you will make fewer mistakes.

So I always try to help people to create simple systems because THEY WORK.

Positive Smart People

I never work with people that are constantly upset or unhappy, either fire them as your employees or as your customers. Working with positive people, makes the everyday tasks much more enjoyable.

If you have to spend a lot of time working, create a nice work environment.

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Author Your Brand is more than just a company. We like to think of ourselves as a family. A family of authors, entrepreneurs and visionaries who have a message and passion to make a difference.

Authoring a book is difficult. Getting that book and message into the limelight is increasingly challenging. While many pundits profess that one must have superlative marketing to gain awareness, Author Your Brand’s foundation is to begin with the end in mind.

Who would want to read YOUR book…and why?

With a client-focused foundation, we are able to shape your message, compare it to the competition and help you catapult your brand into the minds of your audience. Does it begin with your book? Not exactly.

Do You Have a Book Launch Checklist?

Do you have a book launch checklist? Most author’s do not. Authors are generally creative types. They have something valuable and interesting to communicate to the world (we hope!) and their perspective and mission should be clearly articulated through their words. (Note: There is a FREE book launch checklist at


Doug Crowe’s Author Community is one of the best investments I’ve made in creating my book and building awareness. Doug and his team embodies great integrity, energy, and joy – he has helped us navigate not only creating my book, but building our book website, PR and all the variables to building my audience.
We plan on collaborating with Doug on another book and working directly with our team to roll out 3 new products.If you are fortunate enough to join his community, consider yourself lucky!

Ramachandran Srinivasan, MD
Ramachandran Srinivasan, MD

From creating my book, to getting in Google News, Doug Crowe is the master on all things related to book creation and marketing. I’m a mother of 5 and business owner, so collaborating with Doug was not only necessary -but fun! My book rose to the top 25 on Amazon in my category almost instantly

Becky Cash
Becky Cash

When it comes to understanding how to create, position, publish and promote my book/brand, Doug Crowe’s Author Your Brand system is top notch.
He has an extraordinary perception of how my particular audience views my message and how to integrate my ‘voice’ into my book. I’m a business owner and fitness expert – not a writer, but with Doug’s expertise, I feel like one! His system is highly recommended.

Gordon Duffy
Gordon Duffy