earn $250,000 from your book
Before its written...

Writing a book is difficult.
Making money from your book is impossible.

...Until Now. 

You’ve been thinking about that book for quite some time. Your experiences, your journey… oh, the stories you can share are destined to enshrine your legacy, overflow your bank account, and make the world a better place.

You’ve dreamed about becoming a published author.

When you close your eyes, you can see audiences by the thousands captivated by your ideas, taking notes, shedding a tear and making that small shift in their life that inspires and impacts. Then, the interviews start coming in. The podcasts, trade journals, radio and maybe even that TV producer asks about your availability.

  • Lead generation? You don’t need it anymore. They are coming to you.
  • Brand awareness? You are a household name in your industry.
  • Legacy? 100 years from now, your great-grandchildren will be reading about you.

Then you open your eyes and stare at that blank screen.

Reality sinks in… hard.

"I have NO TIME"

You have a business, a family, and a dozen other projects you've made a commitment to. Your business needs your direction, your family is starving for more of your time.

And now... you want to write a book?

How do you fit such a large undertaking into your already busy life?

"It is Overwhelming"

Creating a book is difficult enough. Now, add developmental editing, expert proofreading, visually enticing layout, graphics, marketing, interviews, etc.

The list is endless.

Who has time let alone the expertise for all of this?

"My story isN'T interesting"

What if your idea isn't, well... good enough? Asking people to part with $20 isn't difficult. As an author, you're asking them to invest 4-6 hours of their life.

That's a pretty big ask.

How do you know if they are hungry for your ideas?

Myth #1: Lack of Time

How do successful business owner grow their business AND publish a best selling book? They outsource it. Let us show you how they do it.

Myth #3: Lack of Confidence

Your idea may not be a best seller! Wait, what? With proper research and our focus group formula, we can assure you not only a vetted theme, but pre-sales of your book idea.

Myth #2: Overwhelm

What successful authors don't share is what shortcuts, hacks, and leveraged tools are available to make short work of your big goals. We hold nothing back.

What if there was an easier way?

We get it.

Creating a book is difficult enough. The thinking, writing, editing, etc. is overwhelming. Add to that the uncertainty of acceptance and a literary market place that is so awash with content, it feels impossible to stand out and make a difference.

But what if there was a way to not only effortlessly create your book, but create an eager, hungry group of readers who were expecting or even anticipating handing over their money to read your book?

What if these readers where not scattered all over the planet, but located in a community... a solid group of like-minded folks who shared your passion and purpose?

What if...

There are No Shortcuts

...But there is a better way

A large percentage of business owners who are also authors have a secret. Most won't disclose this secret. It may make them feel awkward or even a bit less than authentic. But having interviewed luminaries like Robert Kiyosaki, Loral Langemeier, and dozens of others, I can spill the beans on how super successful business owners publish their best selling books.

They had help ...Lots of help.

In some cases, they even hired a ghostwriter. You see, while your book's content must be good; without a strategic plan to reach 100's of thousands of people, your message will become a literal drop in the ocean. For most authors, the facts are sobering. It's as if they never published at all.

There is a contrarian solution to this intricate problem.

1. Ask Large Groups

Before you write a single word, consider what groups of people would benefit. Is it the American Heart Association, the International Brotherhood of Magicians, or maybe the Boykin Spaniel Society?

When you ask and focus on a specific (but substantial) audience, you are miles ahead of every other author.

2. Create What They Want

Major companies have been using focus groups for decades to design their products. Creating a poll is simple.

We'll go much further. Our proprietary methodology invites your target audience behind the curtain. With some carefully placed language, they'll be co-creating the precise book they want.

Is This One of Those Training Courses?

Yes and No. Sure, there are videos, templates, checklists, swipe email files, and a self-guided workbook. But that's not where we end. In fact, that is where we begin. Qualified members get custom coaching, access to decades of experience, and personal support.

Our process is a 100% DONE WITH YOU system to pre-sell your book, create a marketing plan, and get your book professionally written & published. Below are 3 sample modules from our curriculum. There are a total of 90 days of training, a full year of support, and a lifetime of value.


Module 1: Pre-Sell Your Idea

  • Vet & Validate: We'll give you a blueprint to engage and validate your idea with large companies.
  • Focus Group Selling: While a focus group is geared toward designing a product, we'll take it 1 step further and pre-sell your book.
  • Pre-sell $250K of Books: With millions of books (and thousands on your topic) we'll show you how to stand out ...and sell a truckload. 

3 chapters

30m reading/viewing time


Module 2: Team Building

  • Hire Right Outsourcing: We'll show you how to vet, validate, and train your writer, editor, designers, and more.
  • Publishing for Profit: Print on demand publishing is easy. But there are dozens of pitfalls with fonts, formatting, etc. We'll show you what to avoid.
  • BONUS: We'll guarantee your book will become an Amazon #1 Bestseller 

6 chapters

60m reading/viewing time


Module 3: Confidence Cloner

  • 7 steps to 10X your confidence: We'll teach you how to speak to CEO's of large companies ...and have them accept your call.
  • Content on steroids: We'll give you a blueprint with 32 marketing infusions for each content piece.
  • Roadmap for Demand: We'll show you how to get people hungry for your book. (Get companies of 10,000 or more employees to call you!)

3 chapters

40m reading/viewing time

WARNING: You can't simply "sign up" for our program! 

Our program is by application-only. Our guarantee* for you to earn $250K or more from your book does not apply to just anyone. 
To qualify, click below and fill out an application and schedule an interview with our admissions director.  

How do You Qualify?

Here's What Happens Next...

Apply for Enrollment

As mentioned, simply "signing up" is not an option. In order to work together, we have to have shared values for perseverance, patience, & purpose. Once we both determine we are a good fit, we'll set up your custom program. We'll make commitments to each other.

Your Bulk Book Sales Focus

Simply surveying people is not enough. You'll use our proprietary method to engage a set of large groups (non profits, associations, corporations) and bring them into the survey and creative process. We'll set our initial commitment to help you sell your first 10,000+ books.

Build Your Systems

Once we have established a clear message and our audience's desire, we'll build 3 teams: 1. Creative (journalist, ghostwriter, editor, proofer) 2. Production (design, format, admin) 3. Marketing (outreach, sales, support) You'll use our training manuals to build your teams.

Project Execution

Once all your assets are in place, we'll get you on a few podcasts, help you manage your ghostwriting/editing, design and publish your press kit, and work with you on your ongoing outreach. Many of these steps happen simultaneously, so you'll either be organized or hire a project manager. 

About your instructor,

Doug Crowe

Doug cut his teeth in the publishing world by starting in the media. A former employee at a local CBS station, and as the host of ABC radio's "The Real Estate Coach" he knows the value of story telling and brand building.

Author Your Brand is his flagship platform for helping you not only share your story, but build a platform of influence for you.

He's successfully launched over 290 books to the #1 slot on Amazon and worked C suite executives from Starbucks, NASA, Pepsi, & Touchstone Entertainment, to name a few.

What These Executives Say About Your Instructor...


"Doug continues to impress me in his desire to constantly grow and improve as a business mentor. This is exactly why he excels in providing the type of wisdom and guidance that he does for his customers and clients.

You won't find a better example of a dedicated, informed coach and forward-thinking expert than Doug Crowe. He's not only a great teach, but a perpetual student himself--which makes him a better instructor."

Richard Andrews



"Doug Crowe is wonderful. I love how he thinks and what he knows about writing, marketing, motivating and getting your message out clearly and uniquely. Doug has a way of making the complex, simple and do-able He is the go-to guy when you need that creative push or way to get your message out.

He is the first to say, "I can help you. And does!" In addition, he is a man who inspires others to be their best and do their best.'

Sheri Meyers



"Doug is the real deal, he is a high quality individual and you'll enjoy working with him if you are afforded the opportunity. Doug's outcome-based author program isn't some "how to course." Using his proprietary methodology, milestone-centric accountability and his private, one-on-one collaboration, you can become a published author with a high-quality book and brand.

You won't find a better mentor in this field."

Dov Baron


Members are Fully Protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee*.

For qualified enrollees, we guarantee you will earn $250K or more in value from your book and platform. If you do not realize this value in the first 12 months of working with us, we will continue to work with you until you do. You agree to complete all assignments and follow the process outlined in our program. If accepted, please read the full disclosure before enrolling.

Some of Our Successful Author-Clients

Mohan Ananda. As former rocket scientist, he led the team at NASA to invent GPS. He later went on to found Stamps.com.

"Doug and his team are true experts in the field of storytelling and building a legacy. I've been involved with dozens of businesses and raised billions of dollars in capital. Doug is the only one I trust to tell my story."

Craig Henzel. He led over a dozen agencies and hundreds of ships in the rescue and clean up of the Deep Water Horizon spill.

"Leadership is what my book is about, but Doug and his team live leadership on a daily basis. He does what he promises and his entire team has gone the extra mile at every step. He's more than a partner... he's now a friend."

Rico Pena. Pena Global is an Atlanta-based consultancy. They've worked with major brands like Pepsi and hundreds of others.

"Like many entrepreneurs, I have way too many ideas and methods to conceptualize clearly. Doug and his team were able to position my experience together in a thoughtful and profitable manner."

Frequently asked questions

How does this work?

Each week you’ll attend a live call as a small group. We’ll flush out the broad strokes and details to “reverse engineering” your best selling book. You’ll have access to a monthly 1-1 call with our course instructor. In addition, you’ll have templates, swipe files, and a clear blueprint to go from idea to $250K in value in about 12 months. You’ll also be a part of our networking community and trade group. There’s more… a ton more, so go ahead; click the button above and apply today.

Do I have to write my book myself?

You can if you want to, but it’s not recommended. Professional writers have the time and patience to weave creativity and purpose into their prose. Regardless if you write it yourself or hire it out, we’ll guide you on best practices and give you a roadmap to creating and publishing a book you will be proud of. Our proprietary journalist-ghostwriter-editor formula ensures your voice is expertly captured.

How do I market & sell my book?

99% of authors focus on social media, podcast, and selling their book one copy at a time. Included in your curriculum are over 100 ideas, templates, and a marketing calendar to make that happen. The real magic, in our program, is selling 10,000+ books to a single entity. We’ll give you access to over 30,000 associations, non-profits, and corporations who are hungry for your book and ideas. (HINT: We uncover their deep needs before your book is written; removing all the guesswork)

How does your guarantee* work?

With the most powerful guarantee in our industry, we have a waiting list from time to time. All of our author-student-clients must possess a solid business background. You’ll be interfacing with corporate officers and must demonstrate the right amount of patience, perseverance, and professionalism to make this work. We’ll hold your hand every step of the way. If you don’t realize $250K of value within 12 months, we keep working with you until you do. You don’t quit and neither do we.

How do I qualify?

Click on the application button above and answer a few simple questions. After you submit, you’ll go to our booking calendar to speak with our enrollment director. In order to earn $250K of value from your book, you must be flexible enough to create a book your audience has clearly shown interest in. Memoirs, fiction, or books with extremely narrow or too broad of an appeal do not qualify.

Why should I publish a book?

With over 40 million Facebook messages per hour and over 1 billion blogs, its safe to say organic marketing is tough. Advertising? If you’ve tried that you know it is not only expensive, but has the longevity of a social media post. All ads are quickly dismissed… or forgotten. A book, on the other hand, lasts forever. Nobody throws away a book. Your message will stand the test of time. Your legacy is guaranteed when positioned inside of a well written book.

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