February 21

The Hoe Handbook: Sluts, Hoes, and Pleasing Others Without Sex with C.A. Kanooble


In this episode of the Author Your Brand Show, our guest Christyann Kanooble, aka C.A., shares her journey as an author, comedian, podcaster, single mom, and business owner of the Mentally Killed Project. Christyann’s approach to life is all about living it to the fullest and embracing sexuality in all its forms. She discusses her lifestyle as a “hoe” and the extensive application process that her roster members go through, including signing NDAs and addressing potential jealousy issues.

Christyann’s book, Hoe Handbook, is also discussed, which covers topics such as confidence, establishing a good rapport with people, and avoiding negative energy. Communication and seduction in relationships are highlighted as important aspects of sexuality, and she encourages people to send selfies to track their progress towards a positive attitude.

The speakers also touch on the need for more education on sex and how it can help people who are struggling in this area. They remind listeners that there is no guidebook for living life and that talking about sex is becoming more accepted as people stand up for what they believe in.

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