March 14

The Millionaires You Went To High School With: Insights and Inspiration with Brady Bryan


This week’s podcast episode is a must listen for anyone looking to achieve success. Our guest, Brady Bryan, shares invaluable insights into the importance of resilience, grit, and mentorship in reaching your goals. He emphasizes that successful people know their worth and understand when to let go of certain tasks to make room for growth and scale.

As the conversation unfolds, we take a deeper look at the transition from solopreneurship to managing a team and discuss the difference between growth and scale. Additionally, we explore how AI and chat GPT technology can be leveraged to automate tasks and even make legal decisions. Brady shares his thoughts on an exciting new tool that promises to increase its power 10,000-fold with the release of version 2.0.

As the conversation shifts to the future, we explore the potential of AI and robotics becoming sentient, leaving our listeners with plenty of food for thought.

Brady’s latest book, “The Millionaires You Went To High School With: Uncommon Wealth from Common People,” is a must-read for anyone looking to learn from the stories of normal people who have achieved financial success through hard work and creativity. The book can be downloaded and purchased at Brady extends an invitation to our listeners to pick up a copy and gain valuable insights into achieving their goals.

About the Guest:
Brady Bryan is a licensed attorney in California and Texas and the founder of BRAYN Consulting. This powerhouse team is composed of lawyers, engineers, and accountants hailing from Big-4 and other national consulting firms. Prior to founding BRAYN in 2010. Brady worked for Deloitte. He also spent several years doing indigent defense work. 

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