The Author

Ariel Halevi

Co-founder and Director, VAYOMAR

A teacher, first and foremost, I am most passionate about the fields of Interpersonal Communication, Persuasion and Influence Without Authority.

Following a few life-altering years as a competitive debater and captain of my college debate club (The Interdisciplinary College), I decided to dedicate my life to the study of these fields so that I may live a happy and productive life dedicated to helping others do the same. I am a strong believer in doing what you love while doing good in the world and try to incorporate these ideals into every workshop I give.

I am the proud co-founder of VAYOMAR – The Power of Being Heard, along with my friends and partners: Gur Braslavi and Ran Michaelis. Together, we strive to bring our insights, methodologies and tools to as many people around the world, from young students to adults.

I hold a BA in Government and Diplomacy studies and an MA in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security. And of course… I am a big believer in the “theory of fun” and love to find ways of developing myself through games. My purpose is to promote a better humanity through better interpersonal communications. I invite you to join us and become part of this massive transformative purpose.

The Book

“So I’ve been a professional trainer consultant in the world of communication competencies, teaching people how to improve their public speaking and their persuasion capability. I’ve been doing that for about 15 years professionally and many more non professionally. So that’s my background. And there are three key factors that my entire business relies on the price per day or price per lecture that I can get, the size of an average deal I get with a client and the annual revenue I get from a client. And I can tell you that every one of these parameters has leaped forward, thanks for this book. It’s hard to quantify exactly but anywhere between probably 7 to 20 percent would be my estimate. I mean, this has been a huge growth engine for my work.

I’m trying to shortlist in my head like there are 20 different things that I can list of why it was so amazing working with Doug. The bottom line is this, I’ve been working on putting out a book for a good ten years. I wrote multiple drafts, I floored all of them. And I finally met Doug and for some odd reason, just after the very first conversation, I already knew that I would have a book in a matter of months. I knew it. I knew it the first conversation we had. And whether it was helping me stay on schedule, getting the right name for the book, doing the layout, I’m terrible at storytelling and books have to have stories. I mean, I’m good at storytelling verbally but I’m not good at doing it in writing and just all of these things together, I felt like a person that was pregnant for ten years, and finally I met a Midwife that would give birth to this incredible accomplishment. Now that I have a book, I literally feel that I’ve created a part of me that can live on. 

I couldn’t have done it without Doug. He was available, he was flexible but he has also had a strong sense of integrity with regards to when to let me off the hook and when to argue with me because he knew better. And even when he did argue with me because he knew better, I adopted all the recommendations because I truly got convinced that those were the right things to do and I never felt that I lost my voice in the process. So I have to say I feel tremendously privileged to have had this opportunity to work with Doug and I know that my next books will be with Doug. 

So just the ability to be presented in my bios as “author of” has not only gotten me more speaking engagements but it has allowed me to get bigger and better clients to close bigger deals. I do a lot of keynotes speaking and it matters if you have a book or if you don’t have a book. And the way I feel the markets looking at me today as the author of a published book, it’s a game-changer as far as what I believe not only my earning potential is but my overall ability to realize my professional goals.”