The Author

Chris Sorensen has over twenty five years’ experience on the “front lines” of technology innovation. He is an award-winning start-up executive and strategist with a broad range of hands-on operating experience as CEO, COO, Co-founder, and Board Member, for numerous start-ups in diverse areas including software, payments, mobile remittances, consumer e-commerce, multi-media and education.

He was instrumental in raising over $30 million in venture capital for high-tech start-up companies in Silicon Valley. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA from the University Illinois and a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence from Northwestern University.

The Book

Welcome to the Age of Hyper-innovation – where new game-changing products are designed, created, and launched faster than ever before. Yet most new products fail because they are not products that people actually want to buy. What if there was a Secret Formula that could predict how successful a new product will be in each of its target markets? What if there was a new way to look no just at new product development, but at the entire strategy of product innovation? Welcome to The Innovator’s Secret Formula, which introduces the Quantitative Product-Market Fit (QPMF) framework, a new breakthrough method for designing highly profitable, market-leading products that have high Product-Market Fit (PMF). Product-Market Fit is so critical for success that it has been called “the only thing that matters.” But until now, no one had clearly defined what Product-Market Fit actually is, how to achieve it, how to measure it, or how to use it for strategic advantage. Drawing on decades of experience working with innovative companies and venture-backed start-ups in Silicon Valley and across the country, the authors finally share their Secret Formula for creating profitable, award-winning breakthrough products.