The Author

Kalani Vale

President & CEO, Team 212 Inc. Building Corporate Strength

As a professional speaker and sales trainer, Kalani’s clients include the Tony Robbins organization, American Express, Smith Barney, Re-Max Real Estate, BMW, and many other. He is a Nationally recognized Peak Performance Consultant. He Authored Superhero Single Dad, which took 2nd Place at the 2014 Christian Writers Awards.

Kalani is the father of 16-year old twins.

The Book

Risk, Reward, ROI, blah, blah, blah…

All financial advice tends to sound the same-right? But what most people desperately crave is not the money… but what the money will do for them.

While making, saving and earning money is critical in our economy, money remains simply a tool for our lifestyle.

In ROL (Returns on Life) the focus is on you first. Your wallet second.

Inside these pages you’ll uncover the only funds that truly mean anything at all. And, more importantly, how you can invest in them, reap the rewards and live better AND richer. We have more than just a bank account. The other funds we invest in and pull dividends from are always there, but rarely measured.

These funds include:

Health Fund. Investing in your health to increase your income.

Homie Fund. What dividends can you expect from your relationships?

Heart Fund. How does your deep purpose show up in your daily life?

…and many more.

Take a deeper journey into all the funds in your life. They all require investment, patience, and intent. It is only then that the dividends can flow exactly the way you’ve dreamed about.