The Author

My passion is helping overwhelmed parents create high-functioning, stress-free homes so they can relax, confidently knowing they are giving their kids a strong foundation. I believe that once you become a parent, from that moment on, you are always a parent first. Therefore, a stress-free family is essential for success in all areas of your life.

As a Two-Time International Best Selling Author, Master Parenting Strategist and Mom to 3 children, I know how hard we moms work to do the very best for our children and for ourselves. And I also know how very little time we have to get everything done! This was my motivation to bring top experts together to share the ONE Thing Every Mom Needs To Know, broken down into 5 easy to implement steps. My hope is that you will get inspired, find answers, take action and see results that will help you be the best mom you can be.

The Book

“Hi, my name is Madeleine Davis. I’m a mom strategist, the founder of The Parenting System, and the author of the number one international best-selling book, A Stress-free Family: Chaos To Calm In Only 28 Days. It’s based on my program a stress-free family.

When I met Doug, I was a complete newbie. I didn’t even have my manuscript completed. He patiently and expertly answered all of my questions. He’s easy to work with and made himself available from beginning to end to make sure that I was fully supported every step of the way. It was very comforting knowing that I had Doug on my team to ensure my success.

If you have the chance, I highly recommend working with him. In fact, we are already working together on my next project. So stay tuned for my next best-seller.

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