The Author

Dr. Maryam Malek

Vistage CEO Master Chair, Author: The New Currency of Leadership

Dr. Malek is the current CEO Master Chair for Vistage Worldwide, The World’s Leading CEO Peer Advisory Board, in Orange County.

A Vistage CEO Advisory Board consists of members who have substantial business knowledge and experience honed by years of successful leadership. As the Chair Dr. Malek facilitates to build a platform of mutual trust that leads to open and candid conversations during the monthly meetings and through this powerful process executives become better leaders, make better decisions and achieve higher levels of performance. Member companies on average grow revenues 3 times faster after joining Vistage.

The Book

Hi, my name is Marya Malek. I’m an Industrial Organization psychologist. And my new book, The New Currency of Leadership: A CEO’s Blueprint For The New Economy, is a book that I had had in mind for a long, long time. But frankly, I was a little bit daunted by the idea of how to write the book, have it edited, and have it published, and that was not really what my expertise was in, and so I had kind of given up on the idea of writing the book because it was just too overwhelming. 

Then when I met Doug, I learned about what he does and how his company could help me get this to not only get published but to become a best-seller. And as of yesterday, I am now an international bestseller. This book is now on Amazon and it has been selling amazingly. Many, many thanks to Doug and his company and his team for all the due diligence that they did in making sure that the quality of the book was really what I wanted it to be. But not only that, just taking it to the next level. My work is such that I work with really large organizations and I do a lot of public speaking and consulting and having this book really helps me take my game to the next level. 

Doug is not only an extremely fun person to work with, he’s dependable and he does deliver what he says he’s going to do. I honestly was not sure if this was going to happen and then when I actually went online on and saw that it was a best-seller, it was an amazing feeling. So many, many thanks to you Doug for all the hard work and get in there and supporting me and cheering me on when it was tough, and making sure that what you said you were going to do you do and it has been an amazing success. 

So if you’re thinking about writing a book and or if you’ve written one and would like to make it a bestseller, Doug can and will do what it takes to get you there. He has all the right connections, knows the industry, and is an amazing person to work with.