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November 20th


Former Roundtable Attendees Include Executives From:

What Our Participants Are Saying

Mohan Ananda
Mohan Ananda - Founder, CEO

"As the founder of and leading the team at NASA to develop GPS, I've had more than my share of success in life. Writing a book?

That's even more difficult than going to Mars! Thankfully, working with Doug Crowe and his team, I was able to put my legacy in print and am committed to helping other startups and entrepreneurs make a dent in the Universe. With Doug's guidance, the process was easy."

Dov Baron - INC 100 speaker

"Doug's outcome-based author program isn't some 'how to course.' Using his proprietary methodology, milestone-centric accountability and his private, 1-on-1 collaboration, you can become a published author with a high-quality book and brand fast.

Doug is the real deal, he is a high quality man and you'll enjoy working with him. If you are afforded the opportunity, don't hesitate!"

Herve Acosta - Consultant Louis Vuitton

"Working with a Global 2000 company like Louis Vuitton has its own set of challenges. But not nearly as overwhelming as creating & publishing a book in multiple languages! That seemed like a daunting project.

With Doug's guidance and resources, we got the project done in record time and with minimal effort on our part. His team does all the heavy lifting!"

What sets this event apart

This roundtable event is intimate, insightful, and most of all useful. We will dissolve the common myths and overwhelm surrounding authoring a book. In about an hour, you'll meet a handful of like-minded leaders, discuss the challenges & benefits of personal branding and be given a clear concept on creating a book. Most importantly, you'll walk away with actionable strategies to not only how to create YOUR #1 Best Seller, but learn how to eliminate the overwhelm.

What you’ll Learn

The Myth of Content

"Content is King" we were lead to believe. But with a billion blogs and 49 million Facebook posts per hours, is it any wonder your content has as much chance of being seen as Sasquatch?

There is a Web 3.0 solution that not only makes obvious sense, but can catapult your brand into the hearts and minds of your audience at warp speed. We'll give you a hint on the roundtable...

The Sex Appeal of Paper

Advertising, blogs, social media, email, PR, speaking, etc. There are dozens of modalities to broadcast and communicate your message.

Why bother with a book?

Because a book, unlike every other form of media lasts forever. We ignore ads, we breeze through podcasts, but a book is never discarded and that book spine stares at your reader forever.

The Danger of Writing

Should you write a book?

Maybe. Maybe not. You may enjoy writing. Or, you may feel a “ghostwriter” means the words are not yours. With some writers, this is a real possibility. However, with our proprietary journalism-writer-editor triad, all of our authors have their voice, pace and style elegantly positioned. Their story is not modified, it is amplified.

Meet Your Host

Doug Crowe

Founder, Author Your Brand

Doug Crowe was not born in a slum, nor was he homeless or raised by wolves. While that may make for a more inspirational story, it simply isn’t true. 

He did, however, win the Dale Carnegie Highest Achievement award as a high school student, and was one of the youngest trainers for that organization. He graduated from Northwestern University with a B.S. in speech, and a concentration in TV and film.

Doug is an investor, brand specialist, and an accomplished writer having contributed to the Entrepreneur Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, MSN Money, the Seattle Times and has authored several #1 best selling books. He's been featured in Bloomberg, CBS news, the Daily Café and dozens of radio stations. A former radio host, Doug had the first real estate radio program in Chicago, “The Real Estate Coach” was live on WLS AM 890 an ABC radio.

While Doug has amassed a lifetime of experience and success as an author, speaker and media insider, he knows the power of associating with a world class team. His team has published over 300 #1 best-selling books, marketed on the largest infomercial network, and produced blockbuster Hollywood movies. Doug’s team has done it all and continues to excel with every client and joint venture they align themselves with.

He is an avid scuba diver, instrument-rated private pilot, photographer, magician, and father of three.

What the Roundtable is... and is not


This is not a webinar. We limit the participation to a handful of executives and CEO's. This allows you to connect, share and garner usable and actionable ideas. Please reserve your seat and have fun!


The roundtable is a certified, 100% pitch-free zone. Neither the attendees or host are given the opportunity to sell or promote. The discussion concludes with an offer for additional conversation. Period.


With an interactive agenda and moderation, you'll be invited to share your successes, challenges and questions to your peers. If you enjoy networking AND learning, this is the event for you.

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