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Eat While You Dream

Wise Words, Indeed!

"Having shared some of Lorraine's challenges as a Fortune 500 consultant with companies like Merck, Pfizer, Deloitte & Touche, and Goldman Sachs, I found Eat While You Dream particularly insightful-- and full of wisdom. Goal setting can be a tiresome topic, but Ms Wiseman makes it both inspirational and actionable. Her emphasis on manageable "bites" to sustain the business while dreaming-- visioning for the future-- is that balance between operations and strategy we all need in our work."

- Tom Bachhuber

Autobiography of an Immigrant

Touching, Informative, Inspirational

"It's like watching a Netflix series while reading Mohan's memoir. It's packed with significant historical events as experienced by the author himself. I was inspired by Mohan's courage in taking risks and achieving a lot of things while remaining humble. It's an enjoyable read to learn about history, business, science, family relationships, and American and Indian culture. Most of all, this book will evoke in you a rejuvenated sense of the American dream."

- Jen Molon

Medical Cannabis & Mental Health

Excellent resource!

"Medical cannabis has a lot of significant functions and how it can aid with mental health and wellness cannot be overlooked. Sara’s book does an amazing job supplying the must-have information on this space. I highly recommend you read and refer to the content within as medical cannabis becomes more commonplace in our society. Great job, Sara and team!"

- jasoncercone

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