Why consider becoming an author? Is the time, money, and resources necessary to create a book of impact even worth it?

We have ghostwritten books for C-Level execs from...

Influence. Impact. Authorship.

Becoming an author is always a major achievement... but never done alone.
Our authors do more than simply publish a book; they make a dent in their Universe. 

Sara Makin
Sara Makin, CEO Makin Wellness

Being 23 & naive to business did not stop Sara from launching her first book, then 2 more. Within 18 months, she's on the cover of Inspiring Lives Magazine, Dispense Magazine, Pittsburgh Avenue West and Steel This Magazine and has been on TV more than 20 times...

Mohan Ananda
Mohan Anada, Founder Stamps.com

It's not every day the company you founded sells for $6.6 Billion. When you also are on the team at NASA and invent a thing called GPS, there's more than one story there...

Ariel Halevi
Ariel Halevi, CEO, Vayomar

Running a 140-person consulting company is no easy chore. Even more difficult is when the book in your "head" rattles around for 10 years. We got it done in less than 6 months...

From Idea to Impact

Our brains rarely conceptualize in a linear way. Organizing your ideas, validating with a focus group, and designing a long-term campaign is vital to your success. That's were we begin.

Become an Industry Icon

Creating a book is not enough nowadays. Without a long-term strategy, a multi-media platform & an interactive community, non-fiction authors don't stand a chance. We'll help you design & execute a powerful process to become "slightly" famous.

What is Your Legacy?

You have a life journey that someone has said, "You should write a book!" On one hand, you know that's true. On the other hand, What's the point? What is the purpose? We'll uncover that first.

Author Your Brand Endorsements

Bob Burg
Bob Burg Best Selling co-author of "The Go-Giver" series

"Terrific wisdom from Doug Crowe who understands the principles of success & how to help you turn those principles into a profitable business."

Sheri Meyers
Sheri Meyers Psychotherapist, Author, & TV Show Host

"If I were to describe Doug in a few words I’d say he is responsive, personable, creative, thinks-out-of-the-box, well-informed, and resourceful. And a wonderful writer to boot."

Isaac Marsh
Isaac Marsh, B2B Business Developer & Consultant

"The very best thing about Doug is his communication. From the moment you first speak with him, you'll have the distinct feeling that you're talking to an old friend, someone you've known your whole life."

Reimagine. You.


Phase 1: Reverse Engineer your #1 Best Seller

  • Before writing a word, we'll conduct focus group research on your idea, book cover, & title to ensure your book will be a winner.
  • In less than 45 days any doubts about your story, message or theme will be gone. What remains is unshakable confidence that your book will resonate with your target audience.
  • We'll help build your audience, media connections & joint venture partners... before your book is written.


Phase 2: Systems-based Creativity

  • Using professional journalism, ghostwriting & our "secret sauce" storytelling recipe, your book will sound like you... but better.
  • While your journalist interviews you, our team works in the background; creating graphics, social media content, & building a large, hungry community is built.
  • By the time your book goes to proofing, you'll have dozens of media connections & a media kit ready to put you in the limelight.


Phase 3: Viral Campaign Map & Execution

  • A book launch can put you on the map, but being an Amazon #1 bestseller is not the destination. That's where we start.
  • With your book published and a professional media kit, you'll be ready to monetize and scale. You'll have a curriculum, workbook and speaker kit to showcase your book & brand.
  • During our 9-step process, a valuable new network of large organizations is being pre-wired to buy thousands of copies of your book.

Writing Creating Your Book is one Step

...But it's not the first step


Ready to write your book? Not so fast.

We vet and validate your idea... BEFORE your book is written.


Want to sell thousands of books? Do this.

Ask your audience what their TRUE pain is and solve it. Then invite them into your community.


Can you write? Maybe. But should you?

Why not work with a professional JOURNALIST & ghostwriting team?


Do people judge a book by its cover? Yes.

We’ll create (and test) your cover, title and brand that is HYPNOTIC to your reader.


There are 33 billion books. Will yours stand out?

We’ll align strategic partners to CATAPULT your book and message to tens of thousands.


Excited about your book launch? Don't be.

Your book will last a lifetime (maybe longer). Prepare and execute for the LONG-TERM.

Beyond Your Book

Why Authoring Your Book Can Change the World

(But You’ll Surely Fail if You Don’t Do This…)

Your story matters. Your ideas need to be shared. But if you depend only upon a book to become the tipping point, it simply won’t work. In today’s ecosystem of information overload, even a social media influencer has an impact that lasts about as long as the memory of a goldfish.

Engagement? That’s cute. What does that mean, anyway?

There is a single foundational element all thought leaders, influencers, and visionaries have that most authors hope for, but very few achieve.

Stop Dreaming. Start Researching.

Your idea for a book may be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Why haven’t you written it and had a dozen publishers beating down your door for a movie deal? For most authors, there’s a bit of doubt and fear, and that's normal.

  • Is what you are saying worthy? 
  • Will people resonate with it? 
  • Can you make a difference?

What if there was a way to find out the answers to all of these questions? Here's the good news. Not only can you get these questions answered, but our proprietary "vet & validate" answers them and begins building your audience... before your book is written.

for your complimentary “Vet and Validate” assessment.

Your Team

You are never alone as a member of our author community. Our expert team does all the heavy lifting for you. We have over 100 years of combined experience in our areas of expertise. From Six Sigma project management, to award-winning ghostwriters, you are in good company.

Doug Crowe


A gifted leader with a variety of talents, Doug is a prolific businessman, marketing expert, and a brilliant writer. He writes for Entrepreneur.com and has been published in Yahoo Finance, Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, and the Seattle Times.   

Ken Yamamoto

Ken Yamamoto

Digital Development

Ken’s passion for all things digital and his attention to detail make him an invaluable asset to the firm. Our tech samurai is a topnotch web developer, SEO specialist, social media expert, and email marketer.

Jen Molon

Jen Crowe


Jen has proficiencies in both the left and right brain. She's a natural with the written words and has a flair for visual arts. Her 12 years as a Corporate Planning professional makes her a sharp business strategist intuitive recruiter.

Yumi Apilado

Yumi Apilado

Media Producer

Yumi has a strong background in management & communications. She's not only a staff writer, but an active volunteer for local social causes. In her spare time, (like all of us) Yumi likes to read books.

Gretchen Elhassani

Editor in Chief

Gretchen Elhassani is a writer of romance novels, grants, and other literary pieces; and ghostwrites books in the leadership and autobiography genres. As Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff, she helps streamline the book writing process. She loves doing puzzles in her spare time.

Jay Tolentino

Jay Tolentino

Graphic Artist

People judge a book by its cover & our in-house graphic artist hypnotizes readers. Jay's passion for art goes beyond digital. A skilled painter and photoshop master, he knows how to communicate visually.





Simple, basic features and instant access to amazing case studies





Simpler, faster and more effective, flexible move. Achieve more with a small investment





The simplest, fastest and most effective, flexible move.


What’s your idea, your dream, your vision?

Do you know a better way to communicate at the office? Maybe your leadership principles would apply to a new demographic like local government? Your story can be life-changing for somebody. 

But only if you are published.

Don’t go through life with the potential to make the world a better place and squander the opportunity. Once your idea of becoming an author is in your heart-don't hesitate.

Take action today.

Praise from Our Author Clients

JOANNE SINGLETON, Author, Daughter of Kate

"I want to extend a huge thank you to Doug Crowe. It was such a seamless journey. And truly this could have not come to life without Doug’s expertise and his professionalism. Doug, I owe you my highest gratitude. Thank you very much."

HERVE DA COSTA, Founder, Softlink International

"We accomplished in three months what would have taken 18 months with a normal publisher. He gave me a tremendous amount of advice with his marketing expertise."

MADELEINE DAVIS, Bestselling Author

"He patiently and expertly answered all of my questions. He’s easy to work with and made himself available from beginning to end to make sure that I was fully supported every step of the way. It was very comforting knowing that I had Doug on my team to ensure my success. If you have the chance, I highly recommend working with him."

Frequently asked questions

Why is being an author so important?

In a hyper-fast world of memes, social media feeds, 10 second ads, and soundbites, being a published author is still revered as the pinnacle of author*ity. All the ads, blogs, and articles in the world (which last seconds in the mind of your audience) are nothing compared to that book spine on their bookshelf... quietly and eternally staring at them. 

Your book is forever.

How long does it take?

If we work together, you'll have a team helping you write, edit, design, publish, & market your book. Your actual time commitment can be measure in hours... instead of months. Our authors can expect to go from idea to #1 bestseller in about 6 months.

Once you're published, you'll need a marketing and branding machine to run 24/7. We have tools, systems, and programs to assist in helping you create a steady stream of media opportunities, speaking engagements, and book sales.

There are so many books. Who would want to read mine?

With over 2 million NEW books published every year, will your story stand out?

That depends. 

Our vet & validate process is the same process billion dollar companies use to ensure their new product launch will be accepted. As an author, we run your idea, theme, book cover and title through over 200 data points. Your overall idea may not be new, but your perspective, story, and unique angle will be reverse engineered to perform.

What is the investment?

This is an important question, but should be towards the end of your thought process. Before investing in anything, your needs, resources, and expected outcome (or ROI) needs to be clearly stated. You can invest as little or as much as you want to ghostwrite a #1 bestseller. We have a wide range of services from $5K to $100K that can match nearly any budget.

What do you want your book to do for you? 

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