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Influence. Impact. Authorship.

Becoming an author is always an important achievement, but never done alone. Below are a few of our clients who are doing more than simply authoring a book… they are making a dent in their Universe. Click below to read their story

Kent Emmons

CEO, Kent Direct

“Doug and his team are masters at not only creating a compelling book for me, but making it a #1 best seller and leveraging my message to my audience. Thanks!”

Dr. Maryam Malek

CEO, Vistage

"Many, many thanks to Doug, and his company, and his team for all the due diligence that they did in making sure that the quality of the book was really what I wanted it to be."

Madeleine Davis

Founder, The Parenting System

"It was very comforting that knowing I have Doug in my team to ensure my success. If you have the chance, I highly recommend working with him."

Kalani Vale

President & CEO, Team 212 Inc. Building Corporate Strength

"Doug is a pleasure to work with! He follows through on all commitments QUICKLY and is extremely reliable. I cannot praise him enough!"

Chris Sorensen

Founder & CEO, Lake Forest Venture Management

"It is an absolute pleasure and inspiration to work with Doug. He is a true entrepreneur, leader and visionary - and smart."

Sara Makin

Founder & CEO Makin Wellness

"Doug is a pleasure to work with! He follows through on all commitments QUICKLY and is extremely reliable. I cannot praise him enough!"

Ariel Halevi

Co-founder & Director VAYOMAR

"With all of my heart and experience in entrepreneurship and business, i can guarantee for those of you who come and contact with Doug will just be blown away."

Herve DaCosta

Consultant to Louis Vuitton

"I’m eternally grateful for Doug Crowe and his program for helping me get this book written. It’s been in my head for years and without his streamline, procedures and steps to take I could’ve never gotten it done in the timeline that I did."

Beyond Your Book

Why Authoring Your Book Can Change the World

(But You’ll Surely Fail if You Don’t Do This…)

Your story matters. Your ideas need to be shared. But if you depend only upon a book to become the tipping point, it simply won’t work. In today’s ecosystem of information overload, even being a social media influencer is about as lasting as the memory of a goldfish.

Engagement? That’s cute. What does that mean, anyway?

There is a foundational element of all change, thought leadership, influence, and impact that most authors hope for, but very few achieve.

Click here for the full story…


Vet and Validate your idea BEFORE your book is written.


Ask your audience what their TRUE pain is and solve it.


Work with a professional JOURNALIST & ghostwriting team.


We’ll create a cover, title and brand that is HYPNOTIC to your reader.


We’ll align strategic partners to CATAPULT you into the spotlight.


All of our authors are #1 Best Sellers. That is only the START.


Your idea for a book may be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Why haven’t you written it and had a dozen publishers beating down your door for a movie deal? For most authors, there’s a bit of doubt and fear. 

  • Is what you are saying worthy? 
  • Will people resonate with it? 
  • Can you make a difference?

What if there was a way to find out the answers to all of these questions and more.

for your complimentary “Vet and Validate” assessment.

From Zero to One

We are moving from zero to one, not from one to hundred. That means we are focused on creating new solutions, not copying the existing ones.

Our Level Up

With us, you will work with professional certified designers and engineers with extensive experience and boundless creativity.

Your Satisfaction

Creating a design is not an end in itself, but a means. We understand the rules of the games. It’s about making you happy.


This is our dedicated team who create and collaborate in order to deliver to
our clients the most amazing projects for a digitally connected world.

Doug Crowe

Founder, CEO

A gifted leader with many talents, Doug is a prolific businessman, marketing expert, and a brilliant writer. His works appear on Reuters, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, and the Seattle Times.

Jen Molon

Jen Molon

Chief Editor, CFO

Jen has proficiencies in both the left and right brain. She’s a natural with the written words and has a flair for visual arts. Her 12 years as a Corporate Planning professional makes her a sharp business strategist and intuitive recruiter.

Rica Monique Lim

Operations Manager

Rica is a multi-awarded operations manager during her decade-long stint working in multinational corporations. She is further solidifying her operational and leadership skills by completing her Black Belt certification in Six Sigma.

Yumi Apilado

Yumi Apilado

Executive Assistant

Yumi has a strong background in management and communications. Aside from being excellent in the business world, she’s also an active volunteer in different organizations. In her spare time, Yumi likes to read books.

Ken Yamamoto

Digital Development

Ken’s passion for all things digital and his attention to details makes him an invaluable asset to the firm. Our tech samurai is a topnotch web developer, SEO specialist, social media expert, and email marketer.

Malinda Arce

Business Development Officer, Copywriter

Malinda is our full-time wordsmith. As an award-winning speaker and writer, she weaves quality prose at unbelievable speeds. She leverages her talents in business development to ensure copy is not only compelling, but effective.

Tom Martin

Tom Martin

Media Strategist

A former producer for Good Morning America and CNN, Tom takes our client stories to National outlets both broadcast and digital. He’s produced stories for some of the leading icons such as Diane Sawyer and Charles Kuralt.

Jay Tolentino

Jay Tolentino

Graphic Designer

Jay speaks the language of art like no other. Everything from book covers, web graphics, lead magnets, logos—Jay is your man—he can create designs that will be able to articulate your message and fully embody your brand.

John McLean

John McLean

Senior Journalist

John is a world traveler who uses his vast views of the world to provide the right atmosphere for our diverse clients to share their stories. He’s more than an eloquent journalist, he’s a storyteller himself who has published his own books.

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