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How to Publish a #1 Bestselling Book in 2023
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Last Month's Recorded Training

“There’s no money in books”

True or false? For most authors, this is definitely true. With over 2,000,000 NEW books each year, it’s increasingly difficult to make significant sales. This is why most non-fiction authors position their book as a tool for their consulting, services, or products.

Strategic authors, however, laser-target their audience and move books by the thousands.

This training outlines a specific method to sell 10,000, 20,000 or more books to a single entity

This Month's LIVE Training

Your story matters. Your ideas need to be shared. But if you depend only upon a book to become the tipping point, it simply won’t work. In today’s ecosystem of information overload, even a social media influencer has an impact that lasts about as long as the memory of a goldfish.

Engagement? That’s cute.

What does that mean, anyway? There is a single foundational element all thought leaders, influencers, and visionaries have that most authors hope for, but very few achieve.

Next Month's LIVE Training

The Magic of Your Local Bookstore: In-Person Events
March 1st, 2023 12 PM EST

Book signings? Really? That’s so 1980, isn’t it? I mean, who goes to bookstores nowadays?

You will. 

There is an uncommon and insanely effective process to get your book in the media. Imagine being on television or being interviewed on the radio?

We’ll show you how to leverage your local, independent book store and create a flywheel of exponential media coverage that most authors only dream about.

This Rapid-Fire Training will deliver that strategy… and more. It’s only 20 minutes long, so register today!










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