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The Magic of Your Local Bookstore. In-Person Events

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Last Month's Recorded Training

Have you ever watched an interview where the guest and host just nailed it? It seemed like every point and story held you on the edge of your seat. 

Similarly, you may have painfully watched an interview that was so dull, it would make C-Span a better alternative.

Don’t be the 2nd guy.

In about 20 minutes, we’ll deliver to you best practices, tips, and uncommon psychological hooks to make your next podcast interview so compelling, the host will invite you back again. 

As a former ABC radio host with decades of media experience, I’ll make sure you have the tools, charisma, and story to make you a star… hypnotizing your audience!

This Month's LIVE Training

How’s your book coming along?

Or, even that important article or blog post?

Listen, writer’s block is a real thing. That blank page just stares at you and you find it easier to go back to level 1043 in Candy Crush vs. sitting down and creating something relevant.

All writers face the wall. But, there are easy to learn tricks and an effortless system to not only eliminate writer’s block, but also come up with content that will have your readers begging you for more.

Join this Rapid-Fire Training. It’s only 20 minutes long and I promise you’ll become a faster writer with more actionable ideas and a system to churn out the content your audience is hungry for.

Coming Up Next Month

The Magic of Your Local Bookstore. In-Person Events

Book signings? Really? That’s so 1980, isn’t it? I mean, who goes to bookstores nowadays?

You will. 

Stay with me here and I promise you’ll see the light and pick up that phone 2 minutes after the training is complete.

There is an uncommon and insanely effective process to get your book in the media. Imagine being on television or being interviewed on the radio? The credibility and authority you’ll build as a media guest is not difficult, but it requires strategy.

We’ll show you how to leverage your local, independent book store and create a flywheel of exponential media coverage that most authors only dream about.

This Rapid-Fire Training will deliver that strategy… and more. It’s only 20 minutes long, so register today!










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