What do John Grisham, Tony Robbins, and JK Rowling have in common?

These visionaries didn’t start at the top. Like all people of influence, they had humble beginnings. They were just trying to make ends meet as…

…A lawyer in a busy firm.

…A janitor in a corporate office.

…Or a single mother on child support writing the first few words of her book on a napkin.

The one thing they have in common is that they were as busy as you (maybe more). But that did not deter them from moving their vision into reality. Authorship, like any large venture, requires a blend of patience and perseverance. Equally important is a process and team to pull it all together.

At Author Your Brand, we adopt that same system the Fortune 100 do for developing and guaranteeing a new product launch.


The process is detailed, thorough, and will give you the data, confidence and pre-sales to boldly move forward; to helping you become a #1 Best Selling Author… without you writing a single word.

We help people just like you capture, organize, publish, and market a beautifully crafted book that tells your unique story within the context of serving others.

We transform leaders into respected experts in their fields. We make sure that your book is a timelessly powerful tool that attracts new opportunities and has the power to make a dent in the Universe.

Your Hypnotic Book Cover

If you qualify, you can expect:

  • Consistent collaboration to frame your unique position and perspective
  • Professional journalism to distill your content into a compelling story
  • A systems-based creative process that perfectly captures your voice
  • Over 100 data points of competitive intelligence to ensure your book is desired
  • Unlimited revisions and focus group testing on your book cover
  • #1 status as a Best-Selling author on Amazon.
  • Major media attention and outreach to build your author*ity

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