What do John Grisham, Tony Robbins, and JK Rowling have in common?

These visionaries didn’t start at the top. Like all people of influence, they had humble beginnings. They were just trying to make ends meet as…

…A lawyer in a busy firm.
…A janitor in a corporate office.
…Or a single mother on child support writing the first few words of her book on a napkin.

The one thing they have in common is that they were as busy as you (maybe more). But that did not deter them from moving their vision into reality. Authorship, like any large venture, requires a blend of patience and perseverance. Equally important is a process and team to pull it all together.

At Author Your Brand, we use that same system the Fortune 100 do for developing and guaranteeing a new product launch.


The process is detailed, thorough, and will give you the data, confidence and pre-sales to boldly move forward; to helping you become a #1 Best Selling Author… without you writing a single word.

We help people just like you capture, organize, publish, and market a beautifully crafted book that tells your unique story within the context of serving others.

We transform leaders into respected experts in their field. We make sure that your book is a timelessly powerful tool that attracts new opportunities and has the power to make a dent in the Universe.

If You Qualify, Expect:

  • Unparalleled collaboration to frame your unique perspective
  • Professional journalism to distill your content into a compelling story
  • A systems-based creative process that perfectly captures your voice
  • Over 200 data points of competitive intelligence
  • Unlimited revisions and focus group testing on your book cover
  • #1 status as a Best-Selling author on Amazon.
  • Major media attention and outreach to build your author*ity

...and much more.

Becoming an author is not for everyone. To see if we are a good fit, fill out a brief application by clicking below now:

The AYB Team

You are never alone as a member of our author community. Our expert team does all the heavy lifting for you. We have over 100 years of combined experience in our areas of expertise. From Six Sigma project management to award-winning ghostwriters, you are in good company.

Doug Crowe


A gifted leader with a variety of talents, Doug is a prolific businessman, marketing expert, and a brilliant writer. He writes for Entrepreneur.com and has been published in Yahoo Finance, Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, and the Seattle Times.   

Jen Crowe


Jen has proficiencies in both the left and right brain. She's a natural with the written words and has a flair for visual arts. Her 12 years as a Corporate Planning professional makes her a sharp business strategist intuitive recruiter.

Yumi Apilado


Yumi combines extensive experience with a versatile skill set. Active since 2008, she excels across education, health, nonprofit, private sector, media, copywriting, and marketing. Her multifaceted experience has shaped her into a skilled writer and an effective COO. Alongside her professional role, Yumi is a dedicated community volunteer and an avid reader. 

Gretchen Elhassani

Editor in Chief

Gretchen Elhassani is a writer of romance novels, grants, and other literary pieces; and ghostwrites books in the leadership and autobiography genres. As Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff, she helps streamline the book writing process. She loves doing puzzles in her spare time.

Ken Yamamoto

Digital Development

Ken is our tech samurai since 2013. His passion for digital technology and sharp attention to detail make him an indispensable member of our team. Skilled in web development, SEO, social media, and email marketing, Ken's versatile expertise is a key contributor to our firm's digital success.

Pin Manalo


Pin combines the analytical mind of a former CPA with the soul of a writer. Her extensive 14-year tenure in academia, along with 5 years in corporate finance, has honed her expertise and deepened her emotional intelligence as a writer. An avid traveler and reader, she enriches her narratives with the wealth of her experiences.

Jay Tolentino

Graphic Designer

Jay, who ignited his passion for painting and design in 2004, is our graphic designer. His journey from traditional art to digital mastery makes him proficient in both canvas and Photoshop. Jay’s talent in visual storytelling ensures our projects are not only captivating but also communicate effectively.

Maricar Nombres

Admin Assistant

Car Nombres, the team's Administrative Assistant, possesses a broad range of expertise in digital marketing, social media, language training, and copywriting. Known for her efficiency and adaptability, she enhances team productivity and firmly believes that success is a result of collective effort. In her leisure time, Car enjoys traveling and watching movies.

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