How Do Authors Reach Millions?

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Being in the media is how most famous authors got famous.

Think of your favorite non-fiction bestsellers. Where did you hear about their book? How did you come across it? Chances are it was a combination of word of mouth, media, and repetition. There's a reason repetition is vital, but must be done in a specific manner. We'll get to that in a moment.

Promoting your book, message, and legacy comes in 3 main flavors:

  • Paid Media. Advertising is scalable, but requires experimenting, constant testing, and is always temporary.
  • Earned Media. Your article in Forbes is an achievement, but after it's published, it may soon be forgotten.
  • Owned Media. Your community. Your message. Your tribe. Engaged audiences are loyal. 

All areas have their place for attracting attention. Social media has its place at the beginning. Advertising can scale your lead generation. However, if you don't bring your audience into "your world" you remain a slave to big tech... a user.

How Do You BECOME the Media?

Serve. Don't Sell.

Have a story? We all do. How will you know if your story, message, or method will be well received? Before you invest your valuable time and energy into creating your book, vet and validate your ideas. Our agency collates over 100 3-star reviews in your category (1 star reviews are usually angry people and 5 star reviews may be their mom). But a 3-star review usually includes useful critiques by your future readers. We catalog them for you.

Next, we'll create 6 stunning book covers and titles to test the market. We'll conduct in-depth focus group surveys, hyper-focused on what people want, need and are willing to buy and read. We do what major corporation do.

We vet and validate your concept BEFORE creating it.

Dialogues. Not Monologues

Once your book theme is validate by your target audience, do we start creating your book right away? Not exactly.

Imagine investing 3, 6 or 12 months and tens of thousands of dollars into a product and you launch it by tossing a cup of water into an ocean. That is what most authors do. Our system (and ALL best selling authors) includes growing and nurturing your database. The best time to build your email database was yesterday. The next best time is now... before you write your book. We'll help you build your database immediately.  Imagine launching your book, not into an ocean of 2 million other books, but launching it with anticipation to a list of 1,000 10,000 or more people.

We help you build your audience BEFORE creating your book.

Campaigns. Not Launches

Launching your book is important. Staking your claim with your idea is a big step. But, it is only the first of many steps of your overall campaign. 99% of authors do not have an engaged list of hundreds of thousands of people eagerly awaiting to consume their wisdom. Building your audience one person at a time is tedious, but essential.

In order to create momentum, you'll need at the very least, a 6, 12 or 18 month campaign. We'll put your book where your audience already is going. 

You choose your monthly investment, & we'll run your campaign.


For authors who are getting started, we'll help you establish a professional media presence. In the first 30 days, we'll publish you in the News media, get you on a 3 podcasts, and at least one online TV show. With those assets, we'll create a professional press kit so we can help you sell more books and build your brand.


If you have an audience and have the resources to move into regional and possibly national media, you'll need a professional book publicist. We'll assign you a dedicated PR pro to not only position your story for the media but conduct weekly outreach on your behalf.

  • One Online TV show appearance
  • Two News Stories per month
  • Three Podcast interviews per month
  • Alliance Opportunities with the Inc. 5000


If you've not figured it out by now, content marketing is now a fools game. With 1.6 BILLION blogs there is a blog for every 7 people on the planet. The only way to rise above the noise is to not simply be "in" the media, but own your own media company.

  • Online TV News Channel in Your Industry (Maximum Authority)
  • Unlimited News stories
  • Weekly Video News Update
  • Two News Stories per month
  • Three Podcast interviews per month
  • Alliance Opportunities with the Fortune 500 & Non-Profits

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