Should You Write a Book?

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Becoming an author is the dream of 84% of all people.

And for good reason. Authors have instant status, credibility, and author*ity over non-authors. Positioning yourself as an author decreases sales cycles, increases media opportunities, and gives you a 24/7 sales team that will never sleep, retire, or ask for time off. Your book, when positioned and marketing strategically, can be a foundational element of your brand.

...and a whole lot more.

Yet, only 1% of people actually finish creating and publishing their book. There is a massive chasm between dreaming and doing. Why is it so difficult to create and publish a book? With today's technology, anyone can open their computer, bang out a 100 pages and upload to Amazon in seconds. "Authoring" a book is easy today.

...too easy.

There is a reason 99.9% of books fail. Keep reading so you can avoid costly mistakes.

How Can You GUARANTEE a Successful Book?

Without proper planning, specific research, and a professional publishing team, your chance of success as an author is slim to none. With over 12 years of experience and hundreds of book projects, we have refined a unique method to "reverse engineer" your bestselling book. Here's an overview...

Vet & Validate

Have a story? We all do. How will you know if your story, message, or method will be well received? Before you invest your valuable time and energy into creating your book, vet and validate your ideas. Our agency collates over 100 3-star reviews in your category (1 star reviews are usually angry people and 5 star reviews may be their mom). But a 3-star review usually includes useful critiques by your future readers. We catalog them for you.

Next, we'll create 6 stunning book covers and titles to test the market. We'll conduct in-depth focus group surveys, hyper-focused on what people want, need and are willing to buy and read. We do what major corporation do.

We vet and validate your concept BEFORE creating your book.

Build Your Audience

Once your book theme is validate by your target audience, do we start creating your book right away? Not exactly.

Imagine investing 3, 6 or 12 months and tens of thousands of dollars into a product and you launch it by tossing a cup of water into an ocean. That is what most authors do. Our system (and ALL best selling authors) includes growing and nurturing your database. The best time to build your email database was yesterday. The next best time is now... before you write your book. We'll help you build your database immediately.  Imagine launching your book, not into an ocean of 2 million other books, but launching it with anticipation to a list of 1,000 10,000 or more people.

We help you build your audience BEFORE creating your book.

Systems-Based Creativity

Writing may or may not be easy for you. But writing a full-length book, capturing and holding a readers attention for hours on end requires a high degree of skill. Even professional authors hire editors. Regardless if you write it yourself or hire a ghostwriter, we'll work with you to ensure your unique voice and style is captured and even enhanced.

Your message matters. We'll make sure it is not only positioned perfectly in your market, but it is a story-based page turner that readers can't help but share.

We'll help you create a PAGE-TURNING book you can be proud of.

Produce & Publish

After your manuscript is done, you'll need professional editing, proofing and an interior layout that is visually attractive. Studies have shown 50% of books that are purchased are never opened. And 1/2 of the opened ones are never finished.

Your design, but inside and out, must be psychologically hypnotic to your audience. (This is why we validate your title and cover BEFORE your book is written) We'll handle 100% of the production and publishing to Amazon, Barnes & Noble in both print and digital formats.

We'll do 100% of the heavy lifting and publish your book.

Soft Launch and Beyond

Once your book is published, we'll execute a professional soft launch. This will garner you a set of online reviews, #1 Bestseller status on Amazon, a press release, an online TV Interview, and at least 3 podcast interviews. With all that media, we'll create a press kit so you look great in the eyes of the media.

For qualified authors, we can discuss bulk sales (10,000 or more units) to make you "slightly famous" in your industry.

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Publish Your Legacy 

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Become the Media

If you've not figured it out by now, content marketing is dead.

With 1.6 BILLION blogs there is a blog for every 7 people on the planet and 4.75 BILLION Facebook posts a day, let's face it. Your content is definitely lost.

The only way to rise above the noise is to own your media.

Become a Person of Influence

In addition to rising to the top of your industry, what else do you want: Legacy? Influence? Impact? Noble goals for sure. How do you want to be remembered... and by whom?

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