The Author Your Brand Manifesto

As Authors of Impact we are passionate on making a measurable dent in the Universe. We are obsessed with meaningful stories that improve lives and quite often, save lives. We positively shift the consciousness of our community.

Our enemies are the demons that live in our minds on a daily basis. Our battle plan consists of weaponizing hope, reinforcing passion, and expanding the entrenched desire to selflessly help others.

Being an Author of Impactwe value relationships first and foremost. We recognize that serving selflessly creates the highest margins and largest possible impact.

We begin as thought leaders and commit to creating the actions and results to move the world into the vision all humans crave. Abundance, peace, acceptance, love, and joy that are the true rights of all living things.

When facing difficult choices, we consistently take decisive action that creates the highest and best outcome for all concerned. We reject ego-centric stories that don’t have a benefit beyond ourselves.

How achieve this by taking risks and boldly moving the needle in the direction of our passion and purpose.

We believe our goals are so big, they will only be achieved by the legacies we start, but may not finish. We know our combined power will carry forward our mutual missions.

We believe we can shift the stories being told that disempower us into uplifting stories that incentive positive action and results. We never negotiate with our integrity. We are like-minded souls who celebrate our mutual success. Our legacy is assured not only because of our strengths, but because our weaknesses keep us humble, open, and in a constant state of learning.

We are Authors of Impact

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