December 20

Eyes on the Horizon: Finding Focus in Leadership


As someone who enjoyed cleaning our house in my younger days, I found myself repeatedly frustrated by how quickly it would become messy again. In these moments of exasperation, my mother offered a simple, yet life-altering piece of advice: “Just look away.”

At first, it seemed like an invitation to ignore the problem, but it was much more than that. It was a lesson in choosing where to focus my energy.

My mother further explained that getting too fixated on keeping the house tidy while there’s six of us living in the same abode would only bring me undue stress. Her words taught me to not get bogged down by the small, fleeting disturbances of life, but to keep my eyes on the larger goals and more meaningful aspects.

The shift in perspectives helped me see the importance of stepping back to see the bigger picture, a lesson that has been indispensable in my role as a leader of our company. In a position that demands a broader view, fixating on every minor detail can lead to micromanagement, hinder delegation, and sap one’s energy.

The more I reflect upon the lesson from this moment in my life, the more I gain the understanding that being too hands-on can be counterproductive, preventing the team from utilizing their full potential.

Learning to “look away” from the small, transient issues allows me to focus on strategic goals and the overall progress of the organization. It’s a shift from being overly involved in every minute detail to empowering my team, leveraging their skills and capabilities. This approach fosters a more productive and dynamic work environment while ensuring that my energy is spent on making high-impact decisions and steering the company towards its long-term objectives.

My mother’s simple advice has thus become a cornerstone of my leadership philosophy. It reminds me that sometimes, the best way to keep things in order is not by constant intervention, but by maintaining a clear, strategic vision and trusting in the abilities of those around me.


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