November 27

Stories that Shape Us: Lessons from My Parents


My dad, Alex, and my mother, Celia. They and the pup are no longer with us.

Often, the most profound business lessons come from places we least expect.

What have you learned not from work, business, or formal education, but from the rich and complex construct of life?

Looking back, some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned came from simple moments spent with my parents. I’m excited to share these stories with you in a series of short articles, each one offering a piece of wisdom that’s stayed with me through the years.

These aren’t grand tales; they’re real moments – times of laughter, challenge, and everyday life. I found wisdom not just for what they did, but also for what they didn’t do, and the times they stumbled. As we all navigate the art of being human, I remember their kindness when I was stubborn, mirroring the patience they offered me as I grew.

From these experiences, I’ve picked up insights that have guided me in business and in life. From the unintended lessons of my dad’s white lies about tailoring chalk to my mother’s steadfast respect for my left-handedness, their actions and missteps alike have left an indelible mark on my journey; each memory holding a lesson that’s as practical as it is personal.

In this series, you’ll find stories about tenacity, kindness, and the importance of generously giving compliments. They’re straightforward, honest, and I hope you’ll find them as useful and meaningful as I have.

As I share these stories, know that they are told with the gentleness my parents used to guide me. They were learning too, and in their learning, I found my way. I invite you to reflect on the moments outside the boardroom and beyond the business hustle—those unassuming lessons that truly shape us.

Welcome to ‘Stories That Shape Us: Lessons from My Parents.’ Join me as we take a walk down memory lane, drawing lessons from the past to inspire our present.


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