October 18

Behind the Power with Allyson Roberts


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Allyson Roberts is a cognitive-behavioral expert who combines science and spirituality to help people authentically change their minds so that their goals can finally be achieved. She is the author of several books with her latest just released. It’s called Behind the Power and is co-authored with thirteen of her clients who used Allyson’s methods to conquer their greatest challenges.

Allyson Roberts knows what it takes to make it in this world. As a young woman who found herself homeless, pregnant, and living in her car she turned to the writing of Napoleon Hill for comfort and guidance. Little did she know then what a huge impact his philosophies would make on her life.


  1. We are either the slave to our brain or the boss of our brain. There’s really no in-between. (1:51)
  2. We have these automatic things that we do in life, where we’re not present and our reptilian brain that’s done the same thing over and over and over again, takes over and it happens with anxiety. It happens in all kinds of situations in life. (2:25)
  3. The thoughts that you think are just sentences until you attach the emotion to them. And so all those anxiety-ridden thoughts that you’re too old, you’re too fat. It’s too late. You’re too stupid……those are just sentences. And they don’t mean anything until we believe them. (2:49)

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