August 15

Navigating Biases and Empathy in a Fast-Paced World with Ariel Halevi


Step into the enlightening world of communication and empathy on “The Author Your Brand Show” hosted by Doug Crowe. In this episode, join host Doug Crowe in a captivating conversation with Ariel Halevi, co-founder of Vayomar and author of “You’re Not Moving Slow Enough” (2016). Explore a diverse array of topics, from countering human biases and political polarization to the profound impact of media on perception. Ariel introduces his thought-provoking book, which delves into the art of slowing down to truly listen and comprehend, ultimately enhancing our interactions. The dialogue dives deep into the significance of empathy in tackling global challenges and effectively navigating the complexities of technological advancements, including AI. Ariel unveils his visionary concept of an “anti-bias industry” designed to combat media biases, and the conversation concludes with a reflection on the potential positive outcomes of AI, all while underscoring empathy as an essential solution for today’s intricate issues. Gain insights into Ariel’s rich background, his co-founding role at Vayomar, and the valuable methodologies developed to bolster organizational capabilities. Don’t miss this engaging episode as Ariel Halevi brings his expertise to the forefront, revealing the transformative power of emotional intelligence in communication and influence.

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