June 13

Mastering PR: Building Your Brand, Getting Press, and Making an Impact with Cindy Metzler


Welcome to the Author Your Brand Show! In this episode, Doug Crowe interviews Cindy Metzler, a passionate marketer and PR veteran. Cindy shares her expertise in helping individuals and companies build their brands, secure press coverage, and make a meaningful impact. With experience working with thought-leaders, Fortune 500 companies, and tech startups, Cindy offers valuable insights on making stories newsworthy, positioning oneself as an expert source, and the importance of being available for media opportunities. She emphasizes the value of building relationships with journalists. She encourages individuals to take charge of their PR efforts, showcasing the media’s willingness to support local businesses and positive initiatives. Visit ommmedia.com, Cindy’s agency, to explore her work further.

Join Doug and Cindy as they unravel the strategies and mindset needed to master the art of effective PR and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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