June 13

Getting On The Same Page with Brian Cain


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Who hasn’t dreamt of a workplace that has great teamwork? A place that has effortless communication, selfless collaboration, and a finished product that actually feels finished. If the result is so desirable, then why is it difficult to accomplish? 

Getting a team to work together is more critical than ever; according to Salesforce, 86 percent of workers and executives find their workplace failures stem from a lack of collaboration and a huge part of collaborating is ensuring that everyone is on the same page. 

Enter Brian Cain, Co-Founder of Work Excellence, a company that has developed a method that helps organizations see the most important issues in the workplace and make small changes that can result in massive gains in productivity, time, and cost savings. Brian is a proven change management leader that helps organizations achieve their goals and meet their expectations. His expertise is in strategic and operational planning, group facilitation, teaching and coaching teams, individuals, meeting management, and process optimization. 

In today’s episode, Brian gives us a glimpse of their Work Excellence® Method, a simple method that helps organizations improve by getting them on the same page and staying on that same page as well.

Key takeaways:

  1. We asked the question, where’s the page? That’s a simple question, right? And people really don’t have a page; they just say we’re not on the same page. We hear it more and more today, especially with diverse groups working in different parts. Some people are at home and some people are in the office. Maybe it’s a hybrid where you’re in and out and some people are away all the time. It makes it more difficult to get and stay on the same page (4:25)
  2. A lot of times people just need small changes, and they can’t see those simple small changes that they need to make to get there. (7:20)
  3. You’re 46% more likely to get your goal to reach your goal if you write it down…If you write down that goal, that future state of where you want to be, you believe that you can get there so you must take action (21:27)

To learn more about the Work Excellence® Method and take their organizational assessment visit https://workexcellence.com/organizational-assessment-tool/.

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