October 8

Eating to Live: A Healing Journey with David Meine


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This episode focuses on David Meine’s journey to discovering the connection between a leaky gut and the overall well-being of a person. Having suffered from numerous health issues from his thirties has led David to uncover the secret to being med-free. He later created a book that explains his health journey. The book is called, “Eating to Live: Unlocking the Leaky Gut Code”.

Key Takeaways/Main Points: In this episode we discussed….

  1. “So when you’re with a doctor, they look at your symptoms and then they prescribe a medicine that is sometimes worse than what you’re dealing with” (7:01)
  2. “We give them a straightforward way to figure out, is there a way I can fix my health problem from a nutritional standpoint, instead of taking these medicines that make and can make situations worse” (7:20)
  3. “I’ve had five forms of cancer and that’s all because I have a compromised immune system from a leaky gut” (18:28)
  4. “Those NSAID, create and open the junctions in the small intestines that let through the bacteria, they let through the bad stuff in your bloodstream.” (21:53)
  5. “Here I am today, no pain in my feet, no arthritis, no more pain in the leaky gut, no more brain fog that I was dealing with that comes from leaky gut. My colitis has gone. My colon is clean.”(24:47)

If you are eager to optimize your gut health to live the life you deserve visit https://eatingtolive.com/.

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