November 14

Equity Happens: Building Lifelong Wealth with Real Estate


Inflation and rising interest rates can have a major impact on the real estate market. In this week’s episode of The Author Your Brand Show, financial strategist Russel Gray will discuss the potential implications of inflation and rising interest rates on the real estate market. He will also provide his insights on what investors should do in order to protect their investments. Gray is a respected authority on financial planning, and his insights will be invaluable for anyone with an interest in the real estate market. Be sure to tune in for what promises to be a fascinating discussion.

About Russel:

Russ is co-host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show. An avid student of economics with a diverse background in business, investing, mortgage and financial services, Russ brings unique and practical insights to help entrepreneurial investors grow and protect their wealth and income through real estate and real asset investing.

Russ is also the author of the book “Equity Happens: Building Lifelong Wealth with Real Estate”. Get your copy at

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