July 28

Journey to Present Fatherhood and Mental Health with George Jones


In this series of discussions, George shares his journey as a best-selling author, describing his book’s impact on promoting present fatherhood and mental health. He expresses gratitude for the support received throughout the process and credits the success to effective promotion, leading to media opportunities like a TEDx talk and features in magazines. George discusses his foundation’s mission to help fathers become more present in their children’s lives. The conversation touches on personal growth, the significance of fatherhood, and the role of mental health in his life. Doug, his publisher, is praised for his unwavering belief in George’s story and dedication to the project. The discussion ends on a positive note, with light-hearted banter about staying in shape and future plans for potential collaborations with Netflix and other studios.

Download the The Present Dad at https://a.co/d/90wdZvd

Know more about George’s foundation, visit https://thepresentdad.com/

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