October 16

Principles For Sales Leadership My Younger Self Needed with Jeff West


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Jeff West, an influencer and coach in sales management, converses about how salespeople or business aspirants can effectively and sustainably hit the target.

He emphasizes the urgency of establishing chemistry that brings people in and makes them want to stay.

According to West in business, you have to create a need and convince your clients that whatever you’re selling is something they will be better off having.

Key Takeaways/Main Points:

In this episode we discussed….

1. “The story, of course, revolves around a young salesman and a homeless man that kind of changes his total perspective.” (6:14)

2. “I use the branding of fusion points now about finding that emotional and logical connection that will keep you going. For me, that connection was my daughters.” (12:07)

3.  “You cannot expect a six-figure income if you’re only going to put in minimum wage effort. You’ve got to be willing to go out and get good at your craft, learn the craft, and then apply that, because you know, knowledge is not really power. (16:32)

4. “Whatever you’re selling, find something that you truly in your heart believe that your customer is better off by having that product or service on a day-to-day basis.” (16:58)

5. “You need to ask the right questions. You’ll know your market and you’ll know what’s going on, but you need to ask the right questions and find out what those needs are and be genuinely focused on helping that person solve that issue with that company that you can put them with.” (17:35)

6.  “You’ve got to learn how to build a chemistry that brings people in and then makes them want to stay.” (22:51)

7. “You don’t ever want to create a situation where someone thinks you’re a pest or when you’re trying to follow up with your prospects, but you want to build relationships.” (31:17)

8. “Never underestimate the value of following up and building that relationship.” (32:09)

9. “Good lead for me is going to be any company that has a sales team that needs sales and sales leadership training, or any small employer that is competing with the giants in their industry. Those are good leads for me.” (33:42)

Jeff can help you build a sustainable and profitable business by teaching you how to attract and retain great people in a competitive hiring market, and by mentoring you in developing a great sales team. To start learning how visit https://jeffcwest.com.

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