October 14

Author to Authority with Kim Thompson-Pinder


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Kim Thompson Pinder shares how she became the CEO of a successful publishing company and a book writer.

Kim did not write for 30 years after a teacher told her at seven years old, “She was no good at writing and should stop.” She came to a crossroads and chose to let those painful words go. Since she set her words free,

she has gone on to author five books, with two more on the way.

Currently, she is helping fellow writers to be successful in the publishing industry by “capturing their voice and writing it in a way that captivates their [target] audience”. She emphasizes the importance of three things when publishing a book: 1) Consider who you are writing the book to; 2) the message you want to send them; 3) What stories from your life can you tell, that’s going to help the person relate and then take that to the next level.

Key Takeaways/Main Points:

In this episode we discuss….

1. “I forgave my teacher and I decided it was time for me to let my words go.” (04:26)

2. “And finally I had this blog post. I put it up on the website and I had just enough courage to ask a few people to read it.” (06:26)

3. “And then, you know, I knew it was time to start writing a book” (06:45)

4. “the first one I wrote was network marketing, recruiting, 50 free or low-cost ways to find…recruits and customers.” (07:51)

5. “What was the transition from pseudo-code MLM to that of (helping other entrepreneurs create their books)?” (09:12)

6. “I just started taking on writing jobs because I needed extra money. And because I was already an established author, my books had good reviews.” (10:40)

7. “how ghostwriters, I’m guessing your people as well, have to help mirror that person’s voice” (13:05)

8. we just really focus on capturing our client’s voice and more importantly, the heart of their message because every client that I’ve worked with, and I’m pretty sure Doug has as well, has a strong message that they want to share a strong message or strong story. And so, it’s capturing that voice and writing it in a way that captivates the audience” (14:20)

9. “Business went up 300% last year because I stopped talking to egocentric people and started focusing on people with a story that matters.” (16:05)

10. “the craziest book would be Shari Lueck, My Skeletons Have Names and she tells her incredible story of growing up in an abusive home.”  (21:45)

11. “first of all is, you want to know who you’re writing the book to. It needs to be targeted. If you want your book to be effective, it has to be targeted.” (26:40)

12. “What I would suggest is just really get a good grip on who you want to write to and the messages that you want and the stories of yourself that you want to share.” (27:28)

13. “Sometimes we get so emotionally attached to what we write but find that editor, that’s not only going to do your grammar, but it’s also going to help you develop the book.” (28:13)

14. “Don’t stay emotionally attached to that book because it’s more about making sure that the reader’s going to benefit from the book, than making sure that you write all the things that you want” (28:44)

15. “My book, Author to Authority, keeping with the brand right, is coming out in October.” (29:27)

Kim understands the power of words and cannot wait to share them with you on her Author To Authority podcast. www.AuthorToAuthority.com/podcast

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