March 7

Creating an Emotionally Healthy Self Through Trauma Recovery Life Coaching with Riana Milne


Join host Doug Crowe on this week’s episode of the Author Your Brand Show as he talks to certified global life, love, trauma recovery, and mindset coach Riana Milne. With her advanced certifications in clinical trauma and addictions and her #1 bestselling books, Riana shares her knowledge on healing from trauma and achieving successful relationships.

The conversation delves into different types of traumas and how to heal from them through meditation and music therapy. Riana also emphasizes the importance of emotional health and consciousness in sustaining healthy relationships. With her five Fs of an emotionally healthy relationship, she highlights the importance of a solid foundation, flexibility, fidelity, and integrity.

Listeners are encouraged to visit Riana’s website for free downloads and check out her YouTube channel, with over 115 shows and 250 recordings on life and love. Don’t miss this insightful conversation with Riana Milne on healing from trauma and achieving successful relationships.



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