May 14

Make an Impact with Clear Messaging and Presence with Miluna Fausch


In this week’s Author Your Brand Show episode, Doug Crowe converses with a seasoned entrepreneur and expert in holistic communication strategies. Renowned for integrating intuitive and scientific approaches to problem-solving, Miluna Fausch shares her insights on enhancing personal and professional communication. The discussion centers on the importance of presence and effective speech, illustrated by anecdotes from her diverse experiences in retail entrepreneurship to performing arts.

Three Key Takeaways:

  1. The Power of Presence: Learning to refine one’s presence can significantly impact personal and business relationships. Our guest emphasizes practical strategies for evolving one’s speech and overall demeanor to foster better connections.
  2. Integrative Approach to Problem-Solving: Combining intuitive instincts with a methodical approach can lead to innovative solutions, especially in communication and business practices.
  3. Versatility in Professional Experience: Our guest’s diverse background, from selling grand pianos to consulting on communication strategies, illustrates the value of versatility in career development and business success.

For a comprehensive guide to mastering effective communication techniques, look no further than Miluna Fausch’s book, “UPLEVEL YOUR Communication: Evolve Your Presence and Speech to Change Everything.” This invaluable resource can transform your professional and personal life. Don’t miss out-it’s available now on Amazon. –

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Welcome to the Visionaries Newsletter
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