July 7

Same Side Selling with Ian Altman


Some people love salesmen and some people shy away from them. When you walk inside a store and a hyper-ambitious salesperson approaches you, you either run to the nearest exit or detour to the next aisle. Love them or hate them, at the end of the day, they are necessary.

Our guest today, Ian Altman, will share with us how to be a nonstereotypical salesperson. Listen in as he teaches how to ask the right questions and how to position value versus price. For the business leaders and owners tuning in to our show, Ian will share the steps you can put in place to develop top-performing salespeople. 

Ian started, sold, and grew his prior companies while taking their value from $0 to over $1B. He’s the co-author of the bestseller, Same Side Selling, and hosts a podcast called Same Side Selling. His Same Side Selling methodology has helped Fortune 500 companies including Allstate Financial, Advisors Excel, Thermofisher, Sodexo, Johnson & Johnson, The Standard, Teradata, Bell Canada, and SAP, quickly double or triple their growth. Ian has written for Forbes and Inc. and is also a popular keynote speaker. He is consistently recognized as one of the world’s top 30 Experts on Sales, and his Same Side Selling Academy is rated one of the top 5 Sales Development Programs globally.

Key takeaways:

  1. So the greatest number of top performers are not pushy salespeople. See, there are three personas in the world of sales, you have an order taker, you have a stereotypical salesperson, and you have a subject matter expert (3:22)
  2. The second thing that top performers need is a playbook for dealing with common objections. We call it our objection clinic. The idea of the objection clinic is what are the things that come up all the time that you just, you wing it each time, even though it comes up all the time. (8:30)
  3. How do we attract the right people? So for starters, you’re going to recruit by saying things like, “Hey, are you working in a place right now where you feel underappreciated, you’re being micromanaged, where you don’t have autonomy, or don’t have the right tools to achieve your full potential? Then we would love to talk to you about whether or not we might be a fit.” (14:47)

To talk to Ian about his Same Side Selling methodology you can call +1 240.242.7460. You can also visit his website https://ianaltman.com/ for more information on his book and academy. 

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