October 31

The Road from Money: A Journey to Find Why with Sylvester Boyd Jr


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Sylvester Boyd Jr. is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He received an Associate in Arts Degree/Kennedy King College, and A Bachelor of Arts degree from Chicago State University in geography, with a minor in history.

In 2014, he published his first novel, The Road from Money — 1925 to 1937, based on true stories told to him by family members raised in Money, Mississippi. He has woven both fact and fiction into a dynamic portrayal of historical events of the era; including music, inventions, and the journey of a young Negro girl and her family living under the trying times of Jim Crow in the South. This first book in the series received a 5-star award from Reader’s Favorite.

In addition, Sylvester is also a world traveler and motivational speaker. His expertise in business, education, motivational speaking, the entertainment industry, and world travel brings a unique perspective and insight into the current worldwide racial and poverty-driven tensions.

Key Takeaways/Main Points:

In this episode we discussed…

  1. “Many wars have been started over disrespect.” (11:38)
  2. “Don’t do something to me you wouldn’t want to be done to you.” (15:29)
  3. “We can start today to write true history.” (17:50)
  4. “That’s something we can do today. Get the people to write books and write the truth.” (20:33)
  5. “Racism is like a disease. It’s like a tumor that metastasizes as time goes.” (22:47)

You can grab a copy of his book at www.boydbooks.net

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