December 1

Erasing Chalk Marks: Embracing Empowering Beliefs


When I was very young, I spent a lot of time playing by myself. My older siblings had their own friends, so I often found fun in simple things. One day, I was playing with an empty can of sterilized milk on the concrete floor outside of our house, flipping it and trying to make it stand upright at each toss. It was a simple game, but it kept me entertained.

While I was playing, my dad came over. He seemed to think I had taken some tailoring chalk, which I sometimes used to draw on the walls. He asked me if I had it, but I honestly hadn’t taken it this time.

In an effort to keep me away from tailoring chalk, my father told me it was poisonous. For years, I believed him, rigorously washing my hands anytime they brushed against the chalk, fearful of its imagined toxicity. This harmless lie unknowingly sowed a seed of caution in my young mind.

As I grew older, I learned the truth about the chalk, but the lesson lingered far beyond the revelation. Like the chalk, many beliefs instilled in us during childhood, although well-intentioned, can sometimes misguide or limit us. We carry these beliefs into adulthood, often unconsciously, letting them shape our perceptions and decisions.

This memory taught me a crucial lesson about growth and potential. To reach our full potential, it is necessary to challenge and reassess the truths we were once told. We must be willing to unlearn and relearn, to discard outdated beliefs that hinder us, and embrace new, empowering truths. Only then can we erase those old chalk marks to break free from the constraints of our past and step confidently into a future aligned with our true purpose.


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