December 5

How to Create, Publish, & 10X Your Revenue with an Audiobook with Doug Crowe


In this episode, host Doug Crowe analyzes the booming audiobook industry and how writers can leverage this medium to boost their earnings and influence. He packs the show with practical tips for established authors and first-timers alike, stressing audiobooks’ growing importance in publishing. Crowe reviews the benefits of audiobooks and the process of creating them, as well as smart promotional strategies and how to turn audio content into brand lift and revenue flow. Whether deliberating doing your own narration or hiring a pro, mapping your manuscript for audio success, deploying audiobooks in your marketing mix, or understanding rights management, Crowe hands authors the blueprint for capitalizing on audiobook expansion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assessing if audiobooks are right for you based on your genre, content type, and goals
  • Deciding whether to self-narrate or hire a professional voice actor
  • Optimizing manuscripts for an audio format to create a compelling listening experience
  • Leveraging audiobooks as lead magnets and repurposing content across marketing channels
  • Understanding the importance of retaining IP rights for flexibility and recurring revenue
  • Finding the right production partners to handle technical aspects and distribution

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