June 5

Building Confidence and Resilience in Female Founders with Victoria Yampolsky


This Author Your Brand Show episode features an in-depth discussion on startup finance with our featured guest, Victoria Yampolsky. As a seasoned entrepreneur and corporate finance executive, Victoria shares invaluable insights and experiences from the startup ecosystem. She talks about her journey from founding The Startup Station, a platform dedicated to educating startups and small businesses on financial strategies, to her extensive roles in advisory. Listeners will gain practical strategies for navigating financial hurdles and opportunities emerging companies face.

Key Takeaways:

  • The gender funding gap is a complex issue that involves biases, lack of access, and confidence gaps.
  • Diverse teams generate more revenue and have better decision-making and execution.
  • Both investors and founders need to actively work towards addressing the gender funding gap.
  • Female founders can build confidence and resilience through mindset training and support networks.
  • Regulatory changes, such as the disclosure of investment practices, can help address the gender funding gap.
  • Female founders can access the Female Founder Mentor Gym program to develop their mindset and improve their fundraising abilities.

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