June 12

Crafting Success Across Continents: Outsourcing Wisdom with Karla Singson


In this insightful episode of the Author Brand Show, host Doug Crowe is joined by Karla Singson, a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, who dives into the advantages and pitfalls of outsourcing. She stresses hiring managerial teams and specialists from the Philippines, Latin America, Estonia, Bulgaria, and South Africa. Karla recounts her own rise from her early days in the Philippines to starting her businesses. She discusses her involvement with Proximity Outsourcing and the distinct services they provide, such as role consulting and setting up fully independent remote teams. Karla offers insights on effective onboarding, crafting success metrics, and the inherent strengths Filipinos possess in client success management and creative capacities. She also provides free resources and a discount voucher for listeners eager to explore outsourcing.

Key Takeaways

  • Outsourcing can provide numerous benefits for businesses, such as access to managerial teams and specialists from different countries.
  • The Philippines is a popular destination for outsourcing due to its English-speaking population and cultural values of service and honor.
  • When outsourcing, it is important to have clear expectations, hire specialists, and provide proper onboarding and support.
  • Common mistakes in outsourcing include expecting too much from one person, not knowing how to onboard effectively, and lacking communication and feedback systems.
  • Proximity Outsourcing offers role consulting, fully independent remote teams, and guarantees for placements, along with free resources and discounts for onboarding.

If you are eager to explore outsourcing further, Karla provides free resources and a discount voucher. Claim your free consultation today at proximityoutsourcing.com.

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