June 18

Empathy, Technology, and Transformative Leadership with Dr. Saju Skaria


In today’s episode of the Author Brand Show, host Doug Crowe sits down with Dr. Saju Skaria, a seasoned leader and business executive with deep expertise in information technology and global operations. Dr. Skaria discusses the relationship between technology and humanity, offering his unique insights on how Fortune 1000 companies can integrate tech innovations while keeping a human-centric focus.

Key Takeaways:

  • Empathy in Leadership: Dr. Skaria, drawing on his rich experience from both the military and corporate world, underlines the crucial role of empathy and humility in leadership. These traits, honed in diverse environments, have a profound impact on team dynamics and customer relations.
  • Harmonizing Technology with Humanity: Dr. Skaria shares his approach to integrating advanced technology with human connections, promoting tech to improve lives while cautioning against its potential to overshadow human interaction.
  • Entrepreneurship as a Catalyst for Change: Dr. Skaria discusses his shift to entrepreneurship and philanthropy, emphasizing their roles in social contribution. He offers insights into how entrepreneurial efforts can transform society and promote global justice.

Discover more about his book, “Selected Reflections: A Transformational Journey” available on Amazon. – https://a.co/d/iwI59SK

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