July 9

Deacon Xavier: The Family Impact of Writing a Children’s Book


Deacon Xavier, a published author writing under a pen name, joins host Doug Crowe in today’s episode of the Author Brand Show to share his journey of creating ‘The Rogue Gnome,’ a children’s book crafted in collaboration with his children. Deacon discusses the inspiration behind the book, the writing and publishing process, and the important role his children played in the creative process. He also talks about future projects, the impact of the book on his family, and strategies for building an audience and community for ongoing endeavors.


  • The importance of involving children in the creative process of writing children’s books.
  • The potential for collaboration with children to enhance storytelling and character development.
  • The impact of creating a tangible book as a family legacy and bonding experience.

Get a copy of his book, “The Rogue Gnome”, at https://a.co/d/05Rpncc4 

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