July 10

Mastering Consultative Sales with Joe Pici


Join host Doug Crowe on The Author Your Brand Show as he welcomes special guest Joe Pici, the renowned sales expert and recipient of the prestigious #1 sales trainer ranking by Global Guru’s. In this engaging episode, Joe shares his valuable insights on the importance of consultative sales and the key differences between transactional and rapport-building approaches. Discover how to navigate the challenges of transitioning from a founder to hiring salespeople and the significance of accountability in sales management. Joe also recommends the must-read book “How I Went from Failure to Success in Selling” by Frank Bettger as a powerful resource for sales professionals. Plus, don’t miss out on a special gift—an exclusive free masterclass on the nine essentials of sales success. See the links and information below.

Tune in to The Author Your Brand Show for a wealth of knowledge and practical strategies from Joe Pici, the sales guru empowering individuals and companies to achieve extraordinary sales results.

Website: www.PiciandPici.com 

Visit www.sellmorevirtually.com

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