July 3

Unleashing Potential and Authentic Connection with Scott Schilling


In this episode of The Author Your Brand Show, host Doug Crowe welcomes Scott Schilling, a renowned Media Host, Executive Coach, and International Trainer/Speaker. With over 35 years of diverse experience in coaching, sales, marketing, and training, Schilling brings a unique perspective to help corporations, business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals thrive.

Episode Highlights:

1. Sharing the Stage with Giants: Scott Schilling has spoken at more than 3,000 live events alongside influential figures like General Colin Powell, Suze Orman, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Steven Forbes, and former first lady Laura Bush. His dynamic presentations have resulted in millions of dollars in product sales through infomercials, live events, and stage selling.

2. Expertise Across Industries: As an internationally accomplished and captivating presenter, Scott has engaged hundreds of thousands of attendees from various industries. His wealth of knowledge and expertise resonates across the airwaves, stages, boardrooms, podiums, and print.

3. Results-Driven Executive Coaching: Scott is highly sought-after as an Executive Coach and Business Expert due to his ability to produce remarkable results. He has propelled a client’s business from approximately $8 million to nearly $100 million in annual revenue within just six years.

4. Inspiring Life Purpose: Scott Schilling’s life purpose is to inspire and empower others to serve humanity by living their life’s purpose with spirit, love, and joy. His passion for making a positive impact drives his work and interactions with individuals and organizations.

Access Scott’s Book, “THAT SUCKS – WHAT NOW?: Real-World Solutions for Getting Through What You’re Going Through” at https://a.co/d/eNMBlYh

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