October 27

How to make your book easier to read… and attract more readers with Dave Chesson


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Dave Chesson is the guy behind Kindlepreneur.com, a website that teaches authors about book marketing and how to optimize their content for maximum success on Amazon’s KDP platform. His website is recommended by Amazon as one of its top resources.

With an extensive list of successful clients and contributors, including New York Times bestselling authors such as Ted Dekker, Orson Scott Card, Kevin J. Anderson, Chesson and his team help both fiction and nonfiction authors at all levels from beginner up to professional writer/publisher status. He has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, ALLi, Huffington Post, and even Market Watch.

Key Takeaways/Main Points:

In this episode we discussed….

  1. “The biggest thing about Kindlepreneur was, is that I wanted to create a place where when you read one article, you’re not only able to get the information you need, but you can turn around and take action.” (2:53)
  2. “People can use it in different ways. You can even use it to help you to figure out how many books that day you would need to sell to be the new number one bestseller for a particular category. That’s the Kindle calculator.” (4:51)
  3. “We as authors, sometimes one thing you could really do is look at the tertiary effects beyond just the sales of the book and how that may affect you.” (20:19)
  4. “They have a lot of works that have never seen the light of the day only because they’ve always been a part of the gatekeepers of the publishing companies and whether or not the company wanted to pay for that.” (21:37)
  5. “I see this huge shift across the board from published authors and publishing companies realizing the importance of self-publishing and where it’s a great area to start looking for talent or opportunity.” (23:23)

If you are eager to start your writing journey head to https://kindlepreneur.com/best-book-writing-software/ for more information. 

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Welcome to the Visionaries Newsletter
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