October 22

Autobiography of an Immigrant with Mohan Ananda Part 1: How Stamps.com Started


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Dr. Mohan Ananda founded Stamps.com, a NASDAQ registered company providing Internet-based mailing and shipping solutions using technology he developed. A successful venture capitalist, he has raised over $450 Million in public and private offerings for Stamps, Envestnets, and JAB Holdings

His book, Autobiography of an Immigrant, is a memoir about a man who left the comforts of a modern home in a faraway India and did what he had to do to make a living and succeed in a new land.


  1. sustainability is really important to make money. (21:13)
  2. First of all, you have to develop a deck, a pitch deck presentation and in the pitch deck, you have to give all the technology. What do you do? What the potential customers are what the possibility of penetrating and how do you get of those things. … In addition, you have to do a financial forecast….in the forecast there are two elements. What is their revenue stream? How can you bring revenue and …you also have to have the expenses. (28:38)
  3. Most entrepreneurs, with a visual focus on their vision. They focus on what they can do. And they’re ignored because they don’t have the connections and network the people in place that you’ve established over the years… You better find someone who has because otherwise, you might not get a meeting. And if you do you might be discarded or ignored or rebuffed rather quickly. (33:54)

His book can be purchased on Amazon https://amzn.to/3vl3Acl

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