October 21

Autobiography of an Immigrant Part 2: Overcoming Challenges with Mohan Ananda


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Dr. Mohan Ananda founded Stamps.com, a NASDAQ registered company providing Internet-based mailing and shipping solutions using technology he developed. A successful venture capitalist, he has raised over $450 Million in public and private offerings for Stamps, Envestnets, and JAB Holdings

His book, Autobiography of an Immigrant, is a memoir about a man who left the comforts of a modern home in a faraway India and did what he had to do to make a living and succeed in a new land.


  1. When we went to USPS there were five of us. I told my team to me do all the talking. But if I need some help, bring it because I didn’t want confusion. I want to make sure this is done very professionally and very methodically. Communication is very important because they have to know what you’re doing, what you can contribute how this can work out. (8:18)
  2. We need to break this down for people watching this because it didn’t happen in a day it happened over years of relationship building, right? always important. (27:57)
  3. Anytime you get an opportunity and you feel like it is the right person, you should go and get the person on your side. And because of that our management team has been extremely stable. I mean, people left because they want to retire, not because they went to work for somebody else. (37:42)

His book can be purchased on Amazon https://amzn.to/3vl3Acl

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