April 17

‘Get Over Yourself’ with Dave Kerpen


In this episode of the Author Brand Show, Doug Crowe interviews Dave Kerpen, a serial entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author. They discuss various topics related to delegation, entrepreneurship, and authorship. Dave shares his background and success as an entrepreneur and author. He also talks about his latest book, ‘Get Over Yourself,’ which focuses on delegation issues faced by entrepreneurs and small business owners. The conversation covers the importance of trust, overcoming financial constraints, and the role of fear and courage in entrepreneurship. Dave also shares insights into marketing strategies for authors and his plans for future book projects.

Key Takeaways:

  • Delegation is a crucial aspect of growing a company, and entrepreneurs should overcome their fear and trust issues to delegate effectively.
  • Financial constraints should not be a barrier to hiring help. There are affordable options available, such as hiring talent from platforms like Fiverr and Upwork or working with virtual assistant companies.
  • Fear is a common emotion in entrepreneurship, but it should not hold entrepreneurs back. Acting in the face of fear and having the courage to take risks is essential for success.
  • Building trust gradually is key to effective delegation. Starting with small tasks and allowing individuals to earn trust over time can lead to successful delegation.

Ready to transform your leadership style and achieve greater success? Grab your copy of ‘Get Over Yourself: How to Lead and Delegate Effectively for More Time, More Freedom, and More Success’ today! Visit https://a.co/d/4mJ8FfD.

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