April 23

How CEOs Create Exceptional Cultures with Tom Willis


In this episode of the Author Your Brand Show, host Doug Crowe sits down with Tom Willis, an advocate for unleashing human potential through lifelong learning. Previously a classroom teacher, and now a business leader with past roles as CEO of Cornerstone and a consultant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Willis brings a rich blend of educational and corporate experience. His transition from education to the corporate world, fueled by a personal quest for purposeful living, showcases a unique approach to leadership and organizational culture, emphasizing that personal growth is integral to team and organizational development.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Culture Beats Strategy: Tom Willis emphasizes that a strong organizational culture is more influential than the strategy for driving success and profitability.
  2. The Unseen Forces: Willis points out that unconscious behaviors and mindsets deeply influence an organization’s culture and need to be addressed for true change.
  3. Leadership by Example: He underscores the critical role of integrity and accountability in leadership, noting that a leader’s adherence to their commitments can inspire a culture of accountability across the organization.

For a deeper dive into building exceptional cultures, check out Tom Willis’ book, “The Great Engagement: How CEOs Create Exceptional Cultures”, available on Amazon. Purchase your copy here – https://a.co/d/erltibC

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Welcome to the Visionaries Newsletter
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