April 25

Fashion Crimes with Holly Katz


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Whether we like it or not, or whether we believe it or not, we live in a superficial world and in today’s episode, Holly Katz shares with us why fashion matters and why it should be important to you. For Holly, fashion can change your life. With fashion, you can increase your self-confidence and actually make your image work for you.

Holly is the host of the Fashion Crimes Podcast where she spills the tea on industry secrets, calls out fashion criminals and interviews top influencers and guests that shape the fashion world today. She helps transforms lives through individual personal styling and has been described as “life-changing”. Her company, Holly Katz Styling, boasts an impressive client list including celebrities, television networks, ad agencies, photographers, and magazines. 

Key takeaways: 

  1. Fashion is not you’re bad, you’re ugly, you’re pretty, you’re rich, you’re poor, you’re skinny, you’re fat. It has nothing to do with that. It’s the same thing (as) you’re telling people how to help their career. (8:19)
  2. All of these people that are shopping for price, I will tell you, right now, I will have it on my gravestone you are doing yourself a disservice by doing that. You think you’re getting a good deal, you think you’re getting something on sale, you think you’ll find somewhere to wear it, you’re not. (15:53)
  3. if you think that style and fashion don’t apply to you or you’re not good enough or you don’t have enough money, or you’re just not you’re telling yourself an incorrect truth. It can apply to you, it will apply to you and it will change your life for the better (28:49)

For more styling tips visit www.hollykatzstyling.com and www.fashioncrimespodcast.com

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