August 29

Functional Medicine and Health Optimization with Dr. Navaz Habib


Do you want upgraded energy? Our guest this week will share some of the amazing ways of how to optimize your health. Dr. Habib has worked with thousands of patients, helping them address the root cause of their health conditions. He works to address the underlying reasons for energy issues, hormone-based conditions, autoimmune diseases and metabolic concerns, with the support of the team at Health Upgraded.

Dr. Navaz Habib is the founder of Health Upgraded a Functional Medicine and Health Optimization clinic in Toronto, Canada, working with high-performing professionals, athletes and entrepreneurs to dig a little deeper and find the answers to what is holding back their health.

He recently released a book called, “Activate Your Vagus Nerve” that aims to help readers unleash their body’s natural ability to overcome.

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Key Takeaways:

“Functional medicine goes upstream; it goes to look for why the problems are happening in the first place.”

“If this nerve (vagus nurve) isn’t working correctly, then we’re pushed into a state of stress of sympathetic activation of fight and flight too often too regularly. And so, we can’t control inflammation and it leads to disease.”

“If we’re breathing through our chest, we’re actually even sending signals to our brain that we’re in a stressed state.”

“You have to have more nutrient-dense foods. Your hunger is driven by your nutrient density, not your caloric density.”

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