August 22

Social Accountability for Health and Fitness with Dietitian Milaena Ferrarese


Milaena Ferrarese – Shownotes

On the health side of this week’s episode with Milaena Ferrarese, a Registered Dietitian who talks about and eats food all day long and is passionate about helping others prioritize their most valuable asset- their HEALTH! With a bachelor’s & master’s in Nutrition-Dietetics and 10 years of experience in the health & fitness space, with 4 years of experience in sports nutrition. Serviced a diverse range of individuals from the general population, to professional athletes. Founded an online consulting business called “Healthy Kinnect” that uses high-level genetic testing, to create custom nutrition and fitness plans and a gamified application providing social accountability for health and fitness.

Learn more about Healthy Kinnect here:

Key Takeaways:

“A lot of people don’t prioritize their health until they don’t have it”

“Nutrition is the foundation of your health.”

“Understanding what you need for yourself and making it personalized to you is going to make your success rate a lot higher”

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